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    liz-t on #157914

    I would like to arrange some solo harp music for 3 or more harps. I have some basic theory knowledge but really do not know where to start to write a harp arrangement. Does anyone have any tips or books available that would help get me started? Thanks in advance!

    Karen Johns on #157915

    I belong to a trio of harps, and what we usually do is this:


    Tacye on #157916

    For what sort of harps and what standard of players are you hoping to write for?

    liz-t on #157917

    Karen, I already ordered the Sylvia Woods book & your method sounds like a great way to get started. Tacye, my present goal is to arrange something for a few lever (36 strings) harp players who play with an early music group and each concert has a theme. We have 3 or possibly 4 harps ranging from intermediate to one advanced player.

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