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    Owosso Harpist

    Update: I’m going to stick with applying for Allegro Acceptance. I went
    all over town and tried to apply for a loan at a bank and a credit union
    but I was turned down due to my credit being very small. So I’m going
    to stick with Allegro and send the application along with the other
    things they need so I can finally afford to buy a harp. I’ve got enough
    to pay 10% deposit so I can only afford to buy a $10,000 harp through
    Allegro. Any harp dealer that does Allegro Acceptance have a Venus Harp
    that I can buy for $10,000 that’s in a natural finish, have either 46 or
    47 strings, have extended soundboard with standard decal and is like
    new to excellent condition with no issues inside and out? If so, let me
    know, ok?


    Sherry there are four harps below your price range right now on the Lyon and Healy CPO list. Harps on that list are all reconditioned and sold in verygood playing condition.

    Owosso Harpist

    I have found a Venus Paragon that’s being sold at William’s Harp Gallery in Texas. It’s priced at $12,500 but the price of the harp is negotiable. That’s what I’m buying once Allegro approves my application which I emailed to WHG yesterday. It’s 25 years old and has a new neck and new re-riveted parts. It’s in excellent shape and sounds very beautiful according to descriptions of the instrument. Heck. One of my facebook friends played it and love the way the instrument look and sound.

    But I have one small problem. Although I can now afford to finance the Paragon, I don’t have any money to pay for shipping and handling costs. So I’m now in the process of raising $650 so I can bring the harp from Texas to Michigan. My question is are there any delivery companies out there that ships harps safely at a very affordable price? I’d rather save money than waste it you know.

    Owosso Harpist

    Update: I’m cancelling the order for the Venus Paragon. The cost of delivering the harp from Texas to Michigan is way too high! Must afford financing and delivering a $10,000 harp that’s located right near the Michigan area. If there’s a used, yet like new Venus Harp in or around the Michigan area that’s being sold for $10,000 I can finance and afford to have the instrument being brought to me, please let me know, ok?

    Owosso Harpist

    I’m finally settling with financing a Venus Prodigy, the harp that’s
    also part of Venus Harp’s rent to own program. I have enough to do that
    and payday for me is this week. The Prodigy, which it cost $11,375 to
    buy normally, is exactly like what I often imagine my harp to be like
    over the years. Ever since I was a child, I imagine my harp to be a Lyon
    & Healy harp similar to what Harpo played in the movies and what
    I’ve seen in encyclopedia books. And since the Prodigy is a lot like
    what I imagine my harp to be like over the years, I think I’ll consider
    either financing or renting the Prodigy and someday trade it in for a
    Venus Classic Concert Grand. Is that all right with you guys?

    all the Prodigy has an extended soundboard with standard decals on it
    and I can have Wally put a crown on top of the harp when he makes it. I
    love harps with crowns on top. Also the Prodigy has only 44 strings — 3 out of 47 ain’t bad.

    got a whole week to think about this. When Friday comes, I’ll use the
    paycheck and combine it with the harp money I have, the Allegro
    Application, the order form, and the copy of my ID and send them all to
    Venus Harps next weekend. Then I’ll have to wait while the Prodigy is being built and I can give myself enough time to raise money to have someone I know take me to Chicago to pick it up when it’s finish. What do you say about all that?


    If you pick the harp up in person, you’ll have to pay sales tax. Check to see whether that or shipping is more. May be cheaper to have it shipped to you.


    I just wondered what happened to your rental Venus Classic ‘Gilligan’. Were you not happy with her in the long run?

    Owosso Harpist

    I still have Gilligan. And yes, I am happy to have him with me, but unfortunately he has to go back real soon especially due to being plagued with issues such as large cracks, large scratches, nicks, dings, smeared decal, rusted action and a worn out tuning peg. I swear if I can afford to do so I would buy Gilligan, bring him to Venus Harps and get him rebuilt and restored. But right now I can only afford to get a $11,000 harp for myself with no issues whatsoever. And I want a buy and own harp I can afford to finance so I’m settling with buying the Prodigy at least until I can afford to either trade the Prodigy in for the Classic or buy the Classic and have both Prodigy and Classic to own.

    Owosso Harpist

    Hi, folks. Just here to give you the update on my project to finance a harp. Sorry to say, it never worked out. No matter how hard I tried, nothing worked out the way I wanted. So I have no choice but to never again try to mingle with Financial Programs of any kind whether through
    Allegro Acceptance or through any bank or credit union. There’s no way I can afford
    to make the payments plus the major drawback that forced me to give up partaking in the Allegro financial program is not having a member of a
    blood relative cosign the application. None are willing to do
    the cosigning because of bad to worse credit and no job. Therefore, I’m
    settling with the only option that’s the
    only great option to take – find a worth person to sponsor me and by me
    a harp. For no matter how much I make, I can never earn enough to buy a
    harp and it’s going to take me years and years to earn $10,000 let
    alone $20,000 just to buy one simple instrument. I cannot do it alone. I
    need a sponsor! So I went to a my hometown’s community bistro to ask for their help in finding a worthy sponsor to buy a harp for me. The person behind the bistro says he’ll do everything he can to help. So he’s going to ask around and talk to some people to see if there’s anyone out there willing to help sponsor my harp purchase.



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