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    I wrote to Marni at Classic Harps Northwest to see if

    Owosso Harpist

    Whew! Glad they’re all right. I hope the harps are, too.


    It is good to know that Aoyama is basically okay. The suffering in Japan right now is heartbreaking to contemplate.
    I recently bought an Aoyama Princess Sakura which left Japan on a boat just days before the quake. The Tsunami rolled under the boat, but did not upset it. Marni was kind enough to email me, before I even asked, to let me know all was okay. The harp just arrived

    Misty Harrison

    Tell us more about your Princess Sakura and what you feel about it now that it’s arrived and you’ve played on it. Photos?


    No photos as yet, but it is a very beautiful harp! I would say that it is described very accurately in Aoyama’s advertising: they say it has quick articulation, flexibility, easy on the hands, bright tone quality…and all of that is exactly true. The strings have some “give” and are not terribly taut, but not too loose either….not spaghetti strings.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    It’s beautiful –


    Ah, that is one of the most beautiful harps I’ve seen! I love the sakura flowers on it!

    Misty Harrison

    What a pretty harp Eliza! Can you take more photos? We don’t see aoyamas where I live and I love cherry blossoms. I would love to see it in the daylight or something. What kind of harp did you have before and do you prefer this one?


    Not many Aoyamas here, either (Pennsylvania), and Princess Sakuras are really scarce, being relatively new…I know of one in Louisiana, but am not aware of any closer than that. Perhaps some other Aoyama owners will stop by this thread and give us their impressions of their harps.
    To answer your question, I have always played Lyon and Healy. I own an older Style 11 which is a truly great instrument. The Aoyama still sounds new, of course, so it’s probably not fair to make comparisons yet with mature, well-developed instruments. But so far I am very happy with it—it has a very lyrical, fluid sound and feel.
    I agree about the visual beauty of this unique soundboard with the cherry blossoms! It’s gorgeous! Thanks everybody for the kind words and wishes. In harp heaven here!



    Congratulations on the new harp!

    How did you discover


    Wow, that sounds idyllic and delightful! I envy you your field trip—I had the privilege of studying at Oxford and I still miss it, and Oxfordshire in general.
    I agree that the Sakura is quite feminine looking. It comes in two sizes. Maybe you were trying the smaller one?
    I have never played other Aoyamas than the Sakura I just purchased. Marni (at Classic Harps Northwest) was kind enough to put me in touch with other harpists who own and play them, and they in turn shared detailed impressions of the instruments. I bought the harp sight unseen, which I know is contrary to all advice, but it seems to have worked out happily in this case! Not sure where/how I learned of Aoyama initially; it seems like I’ve heard about them for a long time. The tecnhician who regulates my harps spoke well of Aoyama when I asked his opinion. He of course sees and works on all kinds of harps.

    Minnesota Harpist

    What a beautiful harp!

    Misty Harrison

    Charles what a wonderful post and I can’t stop laughing about the screams I’m a woman’s harp part. I guess that’s true.


    I love your new harp, it’s beautiful.

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