anyone tried “computer progressive” contact lenses for harp-playing?

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    Has anyone here tried “computer-progressive” contact lenses for playing the harp, particularly for orchestra playing? They are supposed to make it possible to see close up, mid-distance and some distance.



    I haven’t heard of computer-progressive before, but I’m about to pick up my first contact lenses tomorrow. They’re mostly for when I’m at the computer and so was reccommended a certain type that prevent your eyes drying out so quickly. When you’re on the computer, reading or driving etc, you blink less.

    If that’s what you mean, then I suppose they could help with the harp if your eyes dry out.


    I’ve just gotten contact lenses for that very thing, a couple of weeks ago. My Dr. and I are experimenting with different prescriptions to see what works best so when I’m playing in the orchestra I can focus at the distances appropriate to see strings, music stand and conductor. We haven’t found the perfect solution yet but we’re close. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Gretchen Cover


    My husband is very nearsighted and has astigmatism.


    I have been using computer glasses for 2x weeks now

    Elizabeth, I suspect that you will have very few difficulties with them after a week’s play

    When in tight with the iMac the top half of the lenses give me about arms length focal.

    The bottom half graduates down to reading.

    The mind very quickly adjusts to the graduation.

    Not noticeable.

    With regular progressives I was constantly tilting my head back to get the right focus.

    Now i do not.

    If I need “progressives” when using computer glasses I just slide the computer glasses down my nose and look over top for distance.

    Bit blurry out far but stil pretty good.

    The mind accepts this as normal with no eye strain.

    Walmart Canada has excellent lenses from the same providers that high end optometrists use.

    Save 30-50% for effectively the same glasses & they will give you your PD for online glasses.

    (not recommended except for casual use glasses)

    Walmart USA is a different beast

    Neither will service the other’s glasses.



    Victoria BC



    I have not used the computer glasses with a harp….


    I just got measured for the glasses, so I’ll keep you posted once I have tried them.


    About ten years ago I went to trifocals, with no dividing line on the lenses. Top area for distance, bottom area for close work and reading; middle area for arm’s length (e.g. harp) focusing. In a week I got used to these and wear them all day, without needing to change to another pair. Not sure if the “computer progressives” are the same thing, but these are fine for me and the cost was reasonable.


    I should have mentioned, the trifocals I described above are not contacts, just regular glasses.

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