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    Jules Moon

    I am looking to purchase my first harp, which I know will be a starter for me.

    Amber M

    Haven’t tried a SweetHarp, but I have had

    Chris Caswell

    Hi All,

    Amber’s right. My customer service was very bad. In my defense, let me say that I went through several years of a very serious health issue which knocked me way back. I have since been making every effort to mend both my body and my customer relations.

    The SweetHarp has now been officially released and is a 29 string. You can see it at

    Amber M

    And I can now say Caswell’s response time and service has dramatically improved. We’re all glad he’s well again and making more harps!


    I recently had the opportunity to try the prototype version with 29 strings.

    Valerie Pfeffer

    I would like to see and hear one of these in person, do you know if they will be at any events in the coming summer and fall?

    Amber M

    There will be one at Harper’s Escape!

    Valerie Pfeffer

    I am attending the southeastern harp conference this year– I want to go to Somerset next year. I sure is a beautiful travel harp!


    I have to say that this is the best marketing video I have ever seen for any musical instrument and particularly for the harp – lever, pedal or otherwise.

    I love the ingenuity of the machine tuners which allow for quick tuning so no need to carry around a wrench or have it inadvertently drop onto the sound board.

    It is so light weight and gorgeous. I have visions of me playing it around the Scottish glens where I live like some sort of Bardess, watching the Salmon leap from the River Earn.

    I think it is a great harp for therapeutic environments also.

    Its a pity that it only has 29 strings as it is well within the price range of most students who could carry it on public transport without having to nag parents for a lift or for adult learners who perhaps cannot afford a car or care too much about the environment to run one. However, my understanding is that a small harp must have 34 strings to satisfy the requirements of the Associated Board exams although I fully appreciate that it has not been intended for this purpose.

    Chris Caswell

    Hi Pheona,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Now I’m totally inspired to see if I can make the methods developed for the Sweetharp work in a 36 (I just like throwing in those last two top strings). It may not, though. As you know, the tension adds quickly with that lower octave and I’m just really resistant to making a harp with less than adequate string lengths (a compromise sometimes employed to reduce tension). The SweetHarp is in a pretty close balancing act with the tension on it already; that’s one way I can make it light and inexpensive. However, I love the idea of it being a good harp for public transit so I’ll give it a go.


    Chris Caswell

    PS: Please post a photo from your bardic jaunt up Strathearn!

    PPS: It would be more money. What would still be within the price range of the young harpists in your neck of the woods?


    In addition to the Caswell, I’d encourage you to also take a look at Philip Boulding’s (Magical Strings) Tristy, here. It’s 24 strings, currently listed at $460 plus case, plus levers if you want them.

    I own a Magical Strings Concert Kailey (36 strings) and adore it! It has an incredibly rich sound, looks gorgeous and travels well.

    Valerie Pfeffer

    I ordered a Sweetharp the other day! I looked all over and it won out for an adorable travel harp-love the idea of 29 strings, a few levers, and the personalization of the colors, and the hearts that are part of the design, and the roundness of the design, and, and!!!

    As a beginner, I have found that I use all of those 29 strings, so I think any fewer would be too limiting, and I


    Let us know how you like the sound, etc. when it arrives (for those of us in the midwest who are nowhere near seeing a Sweetharp in person).

    Tristan Adair

    I am also curious about this harp. Please write to us your impressions and others that may have tried this harp. I would be interested to know your impression on how it would hold up with long hours of use, in and out of car, how difficult to put legs on and off, etc. Thanks in advance. My workhorse small harp is kinda wearing out.. actually i should just replace some levers but I really want a NEW affordable harp. Harp fever strikes again. Thanks in advance.. tris


    Please let us know how you are liking the Caswell Sweetharp. I’m most interested in its string tension and projection/volume. From the videos it sounds like it has an even tone throughout the ranges. How well did the sound develop over time for your harp?

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