any one heard of or played muma harps?

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    unknown-user on #163816

    anyone played a muma harp? what has been your experience of the
    quality of the harp and sound?

    unknown-user on #163817

    No, actually I havent-and if no one has ever heard of them, they must not be a succsessful brand- so, I would summize that they are not a good qualilty. (They might be though, this is just my assumption)

    Personally, for lever harps, I’d stick with Lyon and Healy. For pedal harps, I think Salvi is the best brand. If you are interested in lap harps, visit

    Hope this helps!

    alexander-rider on #163818

    yes, in fact there web adress is quite simply;, they are very big on cross strung harps. hope this helps!

    unknown-user on #163819

    Hey, popularity doesn’t mean good or successful, any more than obscurity means it’s junk!

    unknown-user on #163820

    I don’t think a harpmaker’s expertise relies on whether you’ve heard of him/her or not.

    unknown-user on #163821

    Jennifer, I heard the sound clips on your web site. I am quite satisfied with the sound of MUMA harps. After reading your heartfelt response as well as Deborah’s response I will definitely be purchasing a MUMA 36 string! Thanks Jennifer and Deborah

    unknown-user on #163822

    I have a Moma harp – the lap harp.

    unknown-user on #163823

    I live in Toronto and my experience with Roger Muma was more than positive.

    unknown-user on #163824

    I have to say that I absolutely love my Roger Muma 36-string harp and have infinite respect for him as a craftsman.

    unknown-user on #163825

    At the small harp tasting at Sommerset this year the Muma harp was one of the ones I thought had the best sound.

    unknown-user on #163826

    Has anyone here tried Roger Muma’s 25-string lap harp in particular? How do they compare with the Dusty Strings harps of a similar size? I’m particularly interested in tone quality.

    unknown-user on #163827

    At Sommerset 2 years ago the Muma harp ranked high in sound quality for me during the small harp tasting.

    unknown-user on #163828

    The first harp I rented was a sweet little Muma harp with detachable legs. I loved it and regret not having bought it. Mr. Muma is a very, very fine maker who stands behind his instruments. I e-mailed him when I thought of buying the little harp I rented and found him to be very helpful and courteous. I would totally reccomend anything he made. Two thumbs up as they say.

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