Any male harpists in here?

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    unknown-user on #165559

    Wow its been a while since I’ve looked through this post! I’m glad there are other people on the realistic side of things. I think it being a illegal for a female to play trumpet is HILARIOUS though! Just the idea of “being sentenced to life in prison on a count of unlawful tumpeting” is a bit silly.

    Well, I’m still playing the harp as seriously as ever! In fact this month I may be taking lessons with the principal harp of the boston symphony orchestra! HOORAY!

    oh well :-)

    Adam Marshall on #165560

    I’m a male harpist too.

    carl-swanson on #165561

    I just found this old thread and it brought up memories of when I started the harp.

    unknown-user on #165562

    I started playing when I was fifteen, and had no concerns about it
    being a feminine instrument, because I knew it was really masculine and
    they were just dumbing it up with their bleached-blond hair and harps
    to match. I never found a male teacher, but my teacher taught me like
    she was one. We are lucky that we now have masculine-looking harps to
    own like the Salzedo. He was a very manly harpist. I am now a male
    teacher in my forties, and I am looking for male students and will give
    them a scholarship, too. But I am only in Philadelphia, or for master
    classes or guest teaching if I am traveling. I am in Minneapolis about
    twice a year and in central Massachusetts (Greenfield-Northampton area)
    two or more times a year. Anyone who asks, you just tell them the
    greatest harpists were men. Sometimes we have to work harder and longer
    to get there, but we can do it.

    J P on #165563

    What a fun thread!

    kreig-kitts on #165564

    Saul, you hit a nerve with me with your reference to “bleached-blond hair and harps to match.”

    tony-morosco on #165565

    Saul’s comments also resonated with me. I could never see myself playing some overly carved, gold gilded harp. Masculine looking harps, or at least neutral looking harps, were for a long hard to come by. The Salzedo was the only specifically masculine looking harp I can remember for many years.

    The funny thing about the Salzedo is although it is rather masculine it still looks fine when played by a woman. Our local symphony has two harpists. The principal is a man and the other is a woman. The symphony has two pedal harps, both Salzedo models, and both the man and the woman look perfectly at home and not at all odd behind them.

    The other thing about the Salzedo is that it is not only a great looking harp, but it sound wonderful and the projection is fantastic. I would love one. If

    unknown-user on #165566

    hi its jacob. 25years ,i liked the way you argued around the harp subject. it s nice to hear someone speaking the same sort of language that i can understand. i have been playing harp for 5 years now and really enjoy it, my friend got acquinted to it and feel a bit proud that they have a harpist as their friend. still i don’t have any harpist friend myself except for some girls here in malta.

    well wish you all the best. and thanks once again.

    carl-swanson on #165567

    Hey Jacob- Welcome aboard!

    unknown-user on #165568

    Very glad to hear from you, Jacob. Malta is very beautiful, I have seen from movies. And an interesting culture. Please enjoy my website,

    Arnaud Roy on #165569

    hi everybody
    i’m arnaud from france, i’m 26 and i play electro-jazz-harp !!

    here is my website with some funky videos !!

    katerina on #165570

    I’m not a male, but I have a harp store in Moscow (Russia), selling both lever and pedal harps – and I was the first who started to sell lever harps here. For the last 2 years I had approximatelly 40 male clients who bought harps for their own. For Russia harp was not so popular between males, now I’m trying to change the situation as much I can. ‘Cause man with a harp – that is surely beatuful. 🙂

    Even my boyfriend became m student also.

    unknown-user on #165571

    Bravo! And please send some here for their college studies. I would love to teach them. With all the string folk instruments in Russia, why not the harp? Guzla, Bandura, Balalaika. What manufacturer’s pedal harps do you sell, and what city are you in?

    unknown-user on #165572

    Now I can see, Moscow. If you ever meet a conductor named Robert Luther, or his son, Slava Luther, they are friends of mine.

    katerina on #165573

    🙂 better you come to us for concerts and masterclasses, ok?

    Russia has very good pedal harp traditions. Vera Dulova, Varvara Ivanova, the great Slepushkin and ets. But noone played lever harps.

    Bandura is Ukrainian thing. Great stuff, I love it. Heh, I play a duet with Gusli (use lever harp), that’s really interesting. Celtic harp turned out to be good for Russian folk (I mean not only “Kalinka”, of course :))

    Lyon&Healy, Salvi.

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