Any harp columns/clubs/programs in British Columbia, Canada?

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    unknown-user on #167814

    Hi everyone
    I am a harp student in southern BC, Canada. I’ve been having
    difficulties locating harp websites/clubs/programs/conferences and
    anything about the harp in BC! What i found mostly takes place in the
    States… would anyone kindly help me out? Are there places/websites
    you would suggest me to go and ask? Is there any harp magazines you
    guys enjoy and would recommend to me? Also, I am planning to purchase
    a used pedal harp, but again, as i have said, it seems like no one in
    BC plays the harp. Are there places/websites that i can go and find
    the advertisments of used harps?
    Thanks! Have a nice day!

    unknown-user on #167815

    There is a folk harp camp in Wells, B.C. every summer, I think in august. for more info, go to tons of people go there, and you’ll meet lots of harpers from all over the place, not just B.C.
    I live in Prince Rupert, B.C., and know quite a few harpers in the area(Mostly in Terrace,the next town over) I’m sorry I don’t know of more stuff going on down south. You could always get in touch with the harp makers and ask them.

    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #167816

    Hi Andrew!

    I too live in Southern BC, and have just started playing the harp a month ago.

    unknown-user on #167817

    This is very late, but here’s what I’ve found.

    Alison Vardy (
    Rita Costanzi (
    Elizabeth Volpe (

    Winter Harp (Lori Pappajohn) (
    Celtic Woollens (, I think – check

    Harp Stores:
    Aoyama Harp (
    Northwest Music (
    Prussin Music (
    Long & McQuade (

    Other: lists further Canadian resources in addition to being someone in Ontario (vs BC).

    If you’re looking for private used harps, try

    If you want to know more, I suggest contacting the people above. At the very least, the staff of Celtic Woollens or Ms. Costanzi and Volpe might be able to point you in the right direction.

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