Any experience with Telynau Teifi?

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    unknown-user on #155494

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a UK-based total beginner (ie totally clueless!) but plan to buy my first lever harp this year. Telynau Teifi harps have bought out this pleasingly-priced model:

    I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts about it. Should I be wary of that (comparatively) low price of £1499 or could the offer be as good as it looks? Anyone actually had a chance to play one?

    My other realistic option is a Ravenna 34. I want to play folk and really love the sound of gut strings but I live in quite a damp flat – so logically I should probably invest the extra and get a Ravenna. But the Teifi harps sound so beautiful! Dilemma…

    daniele-di on #155495

    Hi Rae,

    Interesting, don`t they have audio samples?

    If you`ve never played an harp the thing everyone would suggest is to rent one…I`m also from UK and I started renting a Ravenna26 from Morley Harps.
    You can also rent a Ravenna 34, so have a look…

    Then if you really fall in love with the harp, trust me that you will want something better than a beginner harp (even if they sounds nice).

    Tacye on #155496

    I have not (yet) met that model, but admire Teifi’s pricier models greatly.

    unknown-user on #155497

    Thanks both – lots to think about. I’m going to rent for now until the edinburgh harp festival 2013 which will hopefully give me the chance to try many of the other models mentioned.

    unknown-user on #155498

    I’m in exactly the same situation – I had my first harp lesson yesterday, and am looking to rent until I can see more harps in the flesh at Edinburgh.

    daniele-di on #155499

    I`m quite sure that most of the shops can send the harp to you…well it`s quite expensive but it`s the only way if you live far from them (like I did).
    And if you are planning on keeping it for at least 6months, I believe it`s worth it!

    The Edimburgh harp festival is awesome for trying all kind of harps, last time I`ve been trying harps non stop for two days eheh 🙂

    unknown-user on #155500

    I expect I’ll be going to the Edinburgh this April to try lots of harps. You too?

    I’ll try ringing the shops and see whether they can send a harp. Thanks for the tip.

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