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    mr-s on #152195

    Hi all, i would like to know if there are another sites for harp in USA for buying Music sheets with online shopping and security, i dont want Vanderbilt or Sylvia woods center or of Lyon&healy, i am looking fof a classical music not pop not Jazz, i know a german site they have a great variety of classical pedal harp concerts with orchestra that i didnt find on these 3 sites i named , maybe is the best among them but hasnt many choices as, in the german the prices are in euro so more expensive than in Dollar, any helpful informations about american sites with that classical variety???


    kay-lister on #152196

    Hi Mr. S.

    Try – they have a large selection of music.


    diane-michaels on #152197

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #152198

    I buy from quite often. They also have most of their pieces scanned a bit so you can look at the first page. They are a nice company to deal with.


    luanne-oreilly on #152199

    Also try

    Misty Harrison on #152200

    Mr. S,

    You need to contact Dominique Piana. She specializes in great editions of classical pieces, some European and some American. She also has some terrific recordings she has made with really nice tone.

    mr-s on #152201

    Hi Diane thanks to every

    mr-s on #152202

    Hi Diane, is a nice site but its difficult to shop online there no add to cart ability and is the site secure for credit cards? i dont know about it, i was there i found they ask the number of the card and the expiry date only??? am i right?

    diane-michaels on #152203

    Dear Basel-

    I figured the best way to answer your question was to place an order – I know I did this in March and everything worked well, but wanted to think about your questions while placing a new order (pity me for having to buy more harp music!).

    Mel Sandberg on #152204

    Dear Mr S. is simply the best.

    Indra Prabowo on #152205

    Mel, after reading your post I go to and I found that books from Europe publishers are cheaper rather than if I buy from I guess then I don’t have to wait until end of the year to buy some books in my wish list :-)


    Indra Prabowo on #152206

    Mel, I find one problem. I can’t find their English page and email address.

    Mel Sandberg on #152207

    Indra, of course they will – everybody in Germany

    mr-s on #152208

    Hi Indra, Mel is right has a great collection, but the main obsticle is that the site is only in german,no english version, yes i wrote then in english and Bernadette answered me quickly,but i still need some one to help, i tried the google translator to translate the words if you do that you can find your way, but i found the prices there in euros are higher than in us$ . strange.

    Indra Prabowo on #152209

    Glad knowing they will be willing to communicate in English Mel. I would like to learn German some day. Currently I’m taking harp and French lesson after work, so I guess it’s wise to stay out of new problem ;-)
    But still, I didn’t find any of their email address. Do you order books by letter sent via airmail? Maybe you can help me on this.

    Mr. S, I found that sells European books cheaper than if you buy the books from American store, while American books are more expensive. I believe it’s due to the shipping cost. For me that live neither in that two region, it’s more economical to buy European books from and buy American books from for example. By the way, can you recommend me good site to translate German to English?


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