American Salute, Morton Gould

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    erin-wood on #183582

    Does anyone have the harp part to the orchestral version of American Salute by Morton Gould? It was supposed to be mailed to me but there must have been some kind of mix up and it hasn’t arrived and unfortunately the librarian did not copy the piece. So my rehearsal and concert are tomorrow and the music is lost in the mail somewhere. If anyone can scan and email me at I would be forever grateful!

    kreig-kitts on #183583

    I don’t think I still have a copy. I’ll dig around tonight. At one point it was on sale for download at SheetmusicPlus (and maybe elsewhere), though I could never get their electronic copies to open on either my PC or my Mac.

    erin-wood on #183584

    Thank you for the tip! I did find the part on sheet music plus. I didn’t even know they had parts available for download. I can try that and hopefully I can get it to open for me. At least I can see the first page and see that it is very sight readable, so that is a relief.

    kreig-kitts on #183585

    Erin, check your email.

    M Rodgers on #185261

    There is on version that is edited incorrectly. I had it last summer and since I have played the piece a million times I realized the number of measures resting was wrong. I corrected it in the part but this particular version the conductor had a reduced score so when I mentioned it to him, he had no idea when I was to come in anyway…..So, keep an eye out for that.

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