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    unknown-user on #160227

    I have been searching for harps for quite a while now and I’m still very undecisive. I have NEVER played the harp before, although I have played piano for two years and have taken music theory classes. I don’t think that would help me much, but I definitely want a harp with a good range. I’ve been reading that usually 34-36 strings is the way to go.

    However, I’m just a student with a less than 20-hour a week job and I don’t have a big budget. I was looking for harps no more than two thousand dollars, but i’ve found that to be very difficult.

    I don’t have access to harps anywhere near by. They are atleast 5+ hours away and I do not drive and I don’t have anyone willing to drive that far for me.

    So I found an “Aida 34 string” Salvi harp that is available to rent (at harp connection) and costs 2,100. It’s quite reasonable at $50 a month and I was wondering if anyone had anythin constructive to say about the Salvi harps? Would it be a good harp to start off and last many years with?

    Does anyone recommend any other harp with a price within my budget and that is also available for rent?

    barbara-brundage on #160228

    If your budget extends to lessons (a very good idea), your best bet is to find a teacher first. They often have harps to rent to their students.

    unknown-user on #160229

    I tried searching for that too, but a teacher is not possible. They’re possibly maybe 7-9 hours away.

    brook-boddie on #160230


    Salvi harps are great harps.

    barbara-brundage on #160231

    Where are you located, Yire?

    unknown-user on #160232

    I started on a Salvi Rental two and a half years ago.

    unknown-user on #160233

    All the way down in Hialeah, FL

    barbara-brundage on #160234

    There are dozens of harpists in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale! Just open the yellow pages.

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #160235


    Try contacting Dickie Fleischer at

    barbara-brundage on #160236


    unknown-user on #160237

    Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are too far for me. I don’t drive and no one I know is willing to drive me atleast an hour away for classes. My mother gave me heck for my piano classes and it was about 25 minutes away.

    Maybe when I learn how to drive but classes aren’t an option for me at the moment. I will maybe look into online classes.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #160238

    Try googling for harp lessons + skype.

    barbara-brundage on #160239

    By Miami, I meant “Miami-Dade County.”

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