Advice for moving across the country with my harp!

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    tracey-kjonegaard on #201487

    Hi guys! I’m hoping some of you can give me your input on my situation.

    So I’m not moving across the whole country, just from southern CA to northern Idaho! I’ll be moving in the peak of summer, in July, so there are some concerns I have about a 2-3 day trip moving my harp. I have a couple of options.

    Last summer I moved from Chicago to California and it was reasonably priced for me to get it shipped as I was moving from one big city to another (it was like $150!!). I still have the packing box and foam to ship it again however I think its going to be a lot more expensive since I’m moving to a small, relatively secluded area in Idaho. So this isn’t really my first choice option but it IS an option

    Another idea is to pack it in the shipping container it shipped in and pack it into the Uhaul trailer that I’ll be towing. However, I worry about the heat/humidity in the summer while driving because I know that I had some things melt from being in my trailer during my last move, so it obviously gets pretty hot in there. I don’t know how much of an effect the heat will have on my harp and if this is a good idea or not, compared to my other options.

    Lastly, I can pack it into my car- I’m pretty certain it will fit. I have a Ford Escape however, I don’t know if I’ll have room to lay it flat in the back as I’ll have to pack other things in my car. I could definitely pack it resting on the column (I know this is how other harpists transport their harps in cars/vans), put lots of blankets over it and make sure its properly padded and also pack totes and boxes around it to stabilize it. I feel like this might be the best option since my car will be climate-controlled so it wont be exposed to extreme heat.

    I’m just wondering if anyone else has advice on this? Are any of my other options better than the car? I’d like to avoid spending hundreds of dollars shipping it (since I’m already spending a load of money to move in the first place) if packing it in my car is a perfectly fine option to bring it with me. My biggest worry is having it resting on the column for the entire drive (which could be 2-3 days). Is that too long? Would putting padding/pillows/blankets under the column help?


    Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read this incredibly long post and offering me advice!!!



    catherine-rogers on #201501

    The harp will be fine in the car. I’ve been column loading since 1989 with no problems. Be sure to put good padding (like cushions, not pillows) under the harp against bumps on the road. However, I would not leave it in the car overnight. Take it and any other irreplaceable valuables into your hotel room.

    Elettaria on #201506

    Would it help to wrap the outside of the harp in something reflective to keep the heat out?  Use insulating materials?

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