Accompaniment for concertos by Bob Litterell for 4string instruments

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    mr-s on #146493

    Hello I hope that Mr Bob can answer me here or any body know he wrote me before about his arrangements for the piano scores for some concertos for four string instruments I remember he told me about and others and remember he told me that can find it in site , but didn’t find it there in th list,I am interested to have such an arrangements ,where to buy it ?


    patricia-jaeger on #146494

    Type his name into a search engine box on your computer, and you will find several sites, such as, where his music is sold. Also listed there is his complete contact information.Good luck!

    mr-s on #146495

    thank you Patricia so much .

    mr-s on #146496

    sorry Patricia i checked his name in the site you refered but didnt find anything .

    tula-ruggiero on #146497

    Hi Mr. S.

    MusikFind1 on #146498


    mr-s on #146499

    Hi Clinton , thank you for the great infos, but also i am looking for his arrangement of the orchestra part of Glier concert.

    bob-litterell on #146500

    Hello, I’m Bob Litterell and was wondering if you were able to find my arrangements? My 1st publisher (Alry) just sold their company to one based in Seattle, WA. However, the concerti with the string quartet reductions were all published by Lyon & Healy and should be available from them. The Parish Alvars Double Harp Concerto and the Paganini Centone di Sonate were published by Salvi and should be available from them. The new owners of Alry Publications has expressed interest in publishing more of my transcriptions, so hopefully there will be more soon.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146501

    I hope Mr. S has gotten out of Homs, as the whole city is being targeted for possible destruction.

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