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    mark-andersen on #150369

    Dear Friends in the Harp World,

    I am very sad today to report the passing of Lynne Wainwright Palmer last evening. Musicians all over the world will remember her as a great woman of the harp, outstanding composer and arranger, and beloved teacher following the steps of Carlos Salzedo. Her newly published music will be featured at the AHS Conference in Tacoma, WA this summer and a tribute concert and tea will be a highlight of the conference. We had all hoped beyond hope that Lynne would be there to receive the honor in person but that was not to be. I’m including her bio here for those of you who did have the honor of knowing her personally. She touched the lives of so many people in a hugely positive way. Lynne loved her students and was so very proud of their accomplishments. We will all miss her greatly.

    Mark Andersen
    President, AHS Greater Seattle

    At the age of 16, Lynne Palmer (then Betty Evelyn Wainwright) was teaching harp at Louisiana State University, an early milestone in what would become a distinguished musical career. Her study with the renowned Carlos Salzedo at the Curtis Institute prepared her for stints as principal harpist in some prestigious orchestras, including those conducted by Leopold Stokowski, Fabian Sevitsky and Eugene Ormandy.

    Lynne established a harp department at the University of Michigan, and later introduced the Salzedo method to harpists in the Pacific Northwest as a member of the University of Washington faculty. While raising five children, she was also an active member and officer of the American Harp Society, launched the careers of scores of private students and, intent on increasing repertoire for the harp, studied composition with Gerald Kechley. Her works range from solo harp to orchestral pieces in classical, jazz and pop styles, and have been recorded, nationally broadcast and extensively performed.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150370

    I am very saddened to hear this. I will add to what you said that Lucile Lawrence considered her to be an exceptional talent, one of the best students Salzedo ever had. When she was student at the Curtis Institute of Music, she won a school-wide award over such future figures as Jorge Bolet and Leonard Bernstein. She was one of the few teachers for whom Miss Lawrence had unrestrained regard.

    paul-wren on #150371

    I first got to meet Ms. Palmer at the National Conferance in Tempe AZ. I was a student at the time and studing Compostion. My teacher introduced me to her and she actually sat down with me on day and I played a piece that I had been working on. It was great. I had my own lil harp composing lesson with her.

    I saw her at a later conferences and she

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