A buzzy B

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    Alison on #187845

    I can’t fathom this out – have replaced the string, with a new 5th octave toggle and the problem perpetuates. 3rd B is in flat position – the neighboring A# doesn’t cause stuff elsewhere to buzz. The string’s okay in natural and sharp, but when I tune it between A to Bb it resonates & damn well sings like a mosquito – I didn’t think of doing anything to the button in the soundboard like emery paper/fibre and as it sounded so good when I replaced it last night, I cut the spare off. Huh. Help…….

    Kristina Finch on #187903

    Alison, this might sound stupid… but have you taken the instrument to a different location to see if it still buzzes? It’s possible that the pitch might resonate with something in the room and might not be your harp at all! If not this then it might be time to visit a technician. Also, test around on the metal plate on the back of your harp… feel for vibration, it could be coming from inside.

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