5 Variants of Dives & Lazarus

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    elizabeth-motter on #197511

    Ok, who has successfully navigated the third variant of  this piece? I have been working on it, and it is busting my chops. Any suggestions?  I really hate dropping notes, but I am getting desperate and I have started to shed some LH notes.

    paula-bressman on #197549

    I’m playing it this weekend and have figured out some fingerings that are letting me navigate it pretty successfully. I am leaving out a few of the inner left hand notes though to get it to 150. Some conductors do take the opening vln solo a tad slower than the rest of the variant though. Shoot me an email and I can email you a scan of my markings. paula.e.bressman@gmail.com

    erin-wood on #197562

    I have a nicely rewritten part making this easier to read.  Someone on this site shared it with me and it helped a lot.  You can email me at kansasharpist@gmail.com and I will send it.

    Alison on #197566

    Thanks, Erin, I think that was me (Barbara Fackler and I reworked it) and although I’d seen the request a few days ago haven’t had time or been near my own PC to respond. Alison

    Alison on #197636

    and I have just seen an email wanting me to play this on November 6th, in a local workshop thankfully, but with the usual short notice, no pay kind of request !! Ha – well maybe it’s good revision and I can have a lovely afternoon seeped in this piece.

    Alison on #197821

    I have an interesting excerpt from my Vaughan William biography to add to this but unfortunately its scanned and just over 1 megabyte.

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