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    Alison on #190317

    I don’t really like legs on lever harps, tripods might be fine for camping but really a liability for photography, ipods and harps. I have acquired a second hand lever harp with 3 legs and metal brackets- I prefer students to get a floor standing harp which fits them – but moreover I am most critical of harps with 3 legs – they fall forward and get damaged and even without the legs the base brackets alone aren’t any better, no stability and not a great material to take the weight against wooden floors nor kind to soft carpets and rugs, which get worn. I have decided to get half length legs or stub legs with a bespoke cross member working as a stability bar made up (which improves matters), but for now I think I’ll buy another bracket to convert it to 4 shorter legs. Even worse the harp falls over when wrapped up, when one isn’t paying attention…

    Biagio on #190323

    I wrote an article in the Spring 2015 Folk Harp Journal on how to make the stands that I use. They’re like a desk top artist’s easel, fold for gigging and cost less than $50 to make. People have used them on anything from light Harpsicles to pretty heavy wire strungs. You can see a picture here:


    No I don’t make them for sale anymore, but it’s pretty easy to do:-)


    hearpe on #190333

    Those are nice easels Biagio.
    I was also considering this design before I made my harp stands from a barstool, and may someday use it:

    I was thinking the bottom pieces could be 8 or 10 inches verticle instead of the low height on thisharp, and the design is simple, with the dowels holding it together horizontally.

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