3 broken levers : Help!

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    HBrock25 on #158128

    Hi everyone!

    I put my Camac lever harp (rented) in a padded Camac bag (borrowed) yesterday.
    To my horror, this morning when I unpacked it, I discovered that the tips of the bottom 3 levers (C-E) were broken!

    Out of both desperation and panic, I tried sticking the broken part (E) back with superglue.. Unfortunately, It didn’t work. Didn’t hold. I’m holding the levers (metallic) in my hands as we speak.
    What -does- stick together now, is the mechanism.

    I am at the verge of a nervous breakdown! I am afraid to tell both the music school and my teacher. IF they find out, they might never let me rent a harp again!

    There’s a harp store in my neighbourhood, and I am sure they could repair it.
    Has this ever happened to you? I have no idea how much this is going to cost.

    I feel just like a desperate housewife now, and would like to hear both your advice and opinion.

    deb-l on #158129

    hi there, I would be horrified too!

    Karen Johns on #158130

    I’ve heard that Camacs do tend to break easily- you have to be really careful that you don’t lay the harp down on the levered side. Check your case and make a mark on the side with the levers so this doesn’t happen again. I know from personal experience that you can install Truitt levers by yourself with a drill and a little patience, but I’ve heard Camacs are not something you want to attempt to install yourself. My advice would be to call the harpmaker, maybe he or she will have a few suggestions. So sorry to hear of your problem, hope you can get them fixed quickly!


    deb-l on #158131

    Karen, as a person who has signed many a harp rental agreement, it is part of the agreement that if the harp needs repairs the company that rented the harp needs to be notified immediately.

    jennifer-buehler on #158132

    Do let the owner of the harp know.

    Pea Cock on #158133

    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    I pulled myself together after reading your replies.Learning that some Camac levers break easily certainly made me feel less guilty.

    In hindsight, I am not sure how I broke the levers. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even notice -when- exactly they fell off. I don’t recall bumping into anything. I did put the harp, while in its padded bag, on my bed. Most likely on its levered side.

    The local music school rents instruments to its students. The right thing to do is to report it to either my teacher or the front desk. I hope they will forgive me.

    @Deb L
    You are right, I’m sure the school would understand. After all, the levers broke while inside the padded bag. At least I tried. I went to the reception yesterday and borrowed the Camac cover. A for effort.

    60 per lever? That -is- astronomical. I exaggerate, but I hoped/expected my mistake would be

    Pea Cock on #158134

    Hi Jennifer Buehler!

    You might be right about the case! Now that I think about it, I did hear something tinkle when I putting the cover on the harp. I just checked – the case in question is in the attic as we speak- but I don’t see any flaws inside the case. I must have simply been too rough yesterday.What about the glue? There’s still some glue on the E mechanism. I will be permanently banned if they learn about the glue.

    deb-l on #158135

    hey there, I bet they could fix it for less than 60 per lever, Jennifer mentioned something about maybe just replacing the handles.

    Pea Cock on #158136

    Meanwhile, I am also looking for a missing leg. (I removed all the legs before I put it in the cover.)
    Bad things really come in threes! If I don’t find it soon I’m going to feel nauseous again!

    The harp in question is lying on the floor (levered side up!), missing a leg, 3 levers and its highest string (A).

    It really is a shadow of its former glory.

    deb-l on #158137

    LOL, it will be fine.

    jennifer-buehler on #158138

    Did you get superglue on the harp or on the lever mechanism?

    Barbara Evenson on #158139

    A couple of weeks ago my cats knocked my Triplett Signature (Camac levers) over, and broke the handle on the low C lever.

    jessica-wolff on #158140

    Pea Cock, I too have heard (from two sources) that Camac levers have a tendency to break.

    alice-freeman on #158141

    I have broken bottom C and D Camac levers multiple times on my Triplett Christina when it has fallen over on the lever side. Only the handle has to be replaced and I’m getting really good at doing it myself now!

    Be honest with your school about what has happened. It’s a minor repair and I’m sure they will understand.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    shelby-m on #158142

    Well, string breakage is a normal part of being a harp owner.

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