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    unknown-user on #167762

    Hi, I’m 16 years old and think I might be interested in learning how
    to play the harp. Unfortunately the only musical experience I have is
    taking flute lessons for 3 years when I was little in elementary
    school. I gave that up because at that age, I didn’t much like it and
    discovered I wasn’t good at it at all. Now I’m considering taking up
    another instrument and the one that entices me the most is the harp.
    I’m just generally speculating now because I’m worried that even if I
    do find a teacher eventually, would I enjoy it after a while and want
    to continue pursuing it? Is it very difficult? Also, I’ve scoured the
    entire internet for hours and the closest teacher I can find to me is
    in New York City. Since I live in central/northern New Jersey this
    wasn’t good news. Any information or help I can get would be
    appreciated in helping my decision processes…you all seem like the
    most educated people online about it. Thanks.~* (Don’t be afraid to
    give me bad news like “Yeah, it’s pretty hard” or “There are no NJ

    Tacye on #167763

    Playing the harp starts out quite easy- like the piano the notes are there, they make a
    nice sound and people enjoy listening even to simple stuff- some people are happy to
    stay at this level.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167764

    Check with the American Harp Society directory. They have a lot of harpists
    listed in New Jersey. The name that jumped out at me is Jane Weidensaul,
    whose address is in Teaneck, New Jersey. She is a very famous and
    excellent harp teacher. Though she may not take beginners, she could
    recommend a good teacher in your area.

    unknown-user on #167765

    Jane Weidensaul is recently deceased.

    unknown-user on #167766

    Dear Michelle,
    Learning the harp is actually quite fun! It doesn’t take very long to become proficient. As opposed to violin and piano, it will not take you 10 years of harp playing to perfect tone and technique. 4 or 5 years tops and you should be pretty d a r n proficient, and ready to start the heavy-duty professional pieces. But, of course, not without the help of a good instructor, self-discipline, and your passion for the harp. As for a good NJ teacher, I cannot help you there- I live in Utah.

    unknown-user on #167767

    Thank you all very much for your advice!! It’s quite encouraging. I think I am interested in starting to learn the harp now, at least to see if it is for me. I think it looks like fun too. A teacher who lives pretty close to me has contacted me and given me a list of things to purchase before I can take a lesson from her. If I go to her once a week and practice each day, I think it could be very enjoyable. Thanks again.

    Evangeline Williams on #167768

    good news for you…..


    unknown-user on #167769

    There are so many harpists in New Jersey. Beth Schwartz Robinson is a very popular teacher in Livingston.(973) 716-9571.

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