16 year old, female.

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    Frejya Athena on #161607


    Frejya Athena on #161608

    Oh also, does anybody know of any contempory singer/songwriters who use the harp? Doing carols and common folk songs is all very nice, but one day I hope to make my own music. I really love folk music, but of course I would like to make it my own someday. So far, I only really know of Joanna Newsom.

    Thanks 🙂

    tony-morosco on #161609

    These are all things your teacher will teach you.

    Chords are combinations of three or more notes played together that have some kind of harmonic significance to each other. They dictate the underlying structure to a piece of music and often determine the feeling of movement and tension within a piece of music.

    Scales are important to practice. Mostly at first you will be doing exercises to tech you proper position and how to maneuver around the harp and get the best tone out of your playing.

    Let your teacher be your guide.

    As for contemporary singers, check out Verlene Schermer, Electric Angel, Deborah Henson-Conant.

    helen-rudd on #161610

    There have been many adaptations of popular tunes for the harp here are a few to get you started-(keep in mind most of these are generally for intermediate players with the exception of the Sylvia Woods books, but this way you’ll have an idea of the popular music available as harp arrangements.)
    Angel by Mclachlan/Baker
    Fields of Gold Sting/Ice
    Stair way to Heaven

    Geri McQuillen on #161611

    Hello Frejya,

    I just looked up your Pilgrim harp on their website.

    Geri McQuillen on #161612

    By the way, Frejya, that should have read “mother”, not “monther”.

    Frejya Athena on #161613

    Thank you everyone for your help 🙂 I’ll certainly check out all of those youtube links.

    By the way Geri, it’s very strange, but you have the name sirname as me, except it’s “an” on the end, not “en”. I live in England, so I don’t know if the name is more common where you are, but I haven’t heard of any others down here.

    Seoid OC on #161614

    I’ll leave the musical advise to your teacher and others who know more than me but you also mentioned that you wanted to know some contemporary music that uses new harp music…. here are a few suggestions that jump to my mind.

    Savourna Stevenson (Scottish) – I love some of her music – some of it can be a little new agey though – and some of it is instrumental, some with a singer.

    Fitkin Wall – harp electronica (sort of)! The album Still Warm is a collaboration between Graham Fitkin (composer) and Ruth Wall (harpist) and they use lever harp, wire-strung and bray harps at different points.

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