Re: Thankful for…….

tony-morosco on #110273

I’m thankful to the late Mr. Don Henry who sold me my first harp and helped me find a wonderful teacher.

I am thankful to that teacher, Ruth Berman-Harris, for not only teaching me but for opening my horizons to music I never would have thought to consider before.

I am thankful to the late Derek Bell who was my main inspiration to play in the first place.

I am thankful to all the wonderful writers and arrangers who have produced the books and arrangements that have provided a wealth of resources. Including, but not limited to, Sylvia Woods, Yolanda Kondonassis, Deborah Henson-Conanat, Carlos Salzedo, Lucile Lawrence, Sam Milligan, Dewey Owens, Barbara Brundage, Verlene Shermer, Lousie Trotter, Paul Baker, Edward Bunting, Mildred Dilling, Deborah Friou, Jan Jennings and Ray Pool, being names of authors I turn