Re: Re: Re: Salvi vs. Lyon and Healy?

mr-s on #111433

sorry Briggsie if i offended you,but its my experience with four Salvi harps we have at our conservatory, let me tell you a short story, we have also at the conservatory an Aoyama Harp its the oldest one and all the students studied in the harp class played it and dealt with it uncarefully,but till now its in good condition in deffirent with the new salvi harps, i am conciouse to say the its easy to get breaks or hurted or damaged, our Aoyama had bad experience with our students but still stronger than salvi, i confess that salvi has beautiful sound, but let me say i found that W&W Venus looks like Aoyama strong and steady. sorry again i love all the harps kinds and companies and makers.but its my own opinion.