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Hmm – sounds like one I did about 5 years ago – a last minute outdoor wedding at a local classy hotel here in San Antonio – I was booked by the bride two days before over the phone on a referral from the hotel which got my name from a contractor here – I did the wedding without a contract since I had done work for this hotel and staff before – Brides’ father gave me a check on a Dallas bank after the wedding after I tracked him down – 7 days later the check bounced, and the lady at the hotel said she would collect for me – then it turned out that these folks had stiffed the hotel for the wedding and reception for everything over the initial credit card deposit – they were all from Dallas, and subsequently totally disappeared – it ended up that no one got their money – I’ve always wondered which mafia they were all from – LOL – fortunately I’ve only been stiffed twice like that in almost 40 years – the other one was for a reception at the most exclusive club here in San Antonio – they were also from out of town and disappeared afterward – kind of makes you wonder just how some of these folks come by their brass balls – – – – –