Wedding Harpists using Groupon

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    HBrock25 on #146000

    Has anyone seen or heard of harpists offering their services via Groupon for huge discounts?

    David Ice on #146001

    I haven’t seen that, but I’ve been approached about listing for a “last minute bargain” rate with a website.

    Jessica A on #146002

    Rather than discount a sudden wedding, it would make

    Sylvia Clark on #146003

    It actually happened!

    Rhoda C. on #146004

    If you get the chance, Google “groupon harp” and see what turns up.

    Jessica A on #146005

    I googled it.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #146006

    Wait….wait…..wait…..most of those retirement centers are very serious money-making corporations. Most can WELL afford to pay for the entertainment.

    catherine-rogers on #146007

    I might be able to see taking slightly (but only slightly) less pay for something very last minute, but I can’t understand soliciting for cut-rate work. What do these harpists do if they get a later offer for full pay? They’re already committed to the cheap job. Do they cancel? That’s not nice. Why would anyone deliberately drive the pricing down? Makes no sense.

    Rhoda C. on #146008

    I found out not long ago that the harpist DID cancel on the bride, eight weeks before the wedding.

    David Ice on #146009

    I recently had a very awkward situation, and it turned out the bride was TOTALLY dishonest.

    unknown-user on #146010

    Hmm – sounds like one I did about 5 years ago – a last minute outdoor wedding at a local classy hotel here in San Antonio – I was booked by the bride two days before over the phone on a referral from the hotel which got my name from a contractor here – I did the wedding without a contract since I had done work for this hotel and staff before – Brides’ father gave me a check on a Dallas bank after the wedding after I tracked him down – 7 days later the check bounced, and the lady at the hotel said she would collect for me – then it turned out that these folks had stiffed the hotel for the wedding and reception for everything over the initial credit card deposit – they were all from Dallas, and subsequently totally disappeared – it ended up that no one got their money – I’ve always wondered which mafia they were all from – LOL – fortunately I’ve only been stiffed twice like that in almost 40 years – the other one was for a reception at the most exclusive club here in San Antonio – they were also from out of town and disappeared afterward – kind of makes you wonder just how some of these folks come by their brass balls – – – – –

    David Ice on #146011

    Well, Karma will get them.

    onita-sanders on #146012

    I had two similar experiences. Fortunately my brother is an attorney. Was able to get my monies after he threaten them with a lawsuit for writing a bad check over state lines. I always make a copy of their deposit check over their sign contract. Keep a copy of and return a copy to them as their receipt. End of problem.

    Onita Sanders

    robin roys on #146013

    I hate last minute gigs because I am never sure I will get paid!

    If they want to DELIVER cold Cash to me the day before the wedding, I’d do it but otherwise, it’s a HUGE risk.

    I also wonder if the bride has stiffed another harpist or other musician?

    Too many risks.

    Robin Roys

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