Re: Re: Malfunctioning harp!!!

carl-swanson on #148844

Saul- Any company can make some change to their construction with the very best of intentions and have it blow up in their faces. i do not fault any company for mistakes that are made in the honest attempt to improve the instrument. Time is the acid test, and changes to the construction or assembly that made perfect sense initially can be disastrous in the long haul.

The problems arise when a company fails to recognize when a mistake has been made, or recognizes it and chooses to do nothing to correct it. I think that the problem I mentioned at the start of this thread was done primarily to cut cost, and didn’t appear initially to have any problems with it. Time has proved otherwise. So now it’s time for said company to 1)change the assembly procedure for this item so it never happens again, and 2) to fix the problem, at no cost to the owners of these instrument, and to do it immediately to all of the instruments already out in the field(like an auto recall) and not wait for a panicked call from a frantic harpist. My guess is that said company will do neither.