Re: Re: Malfunctioning harp!!!

carl-swanson on #148843

Sidney- It sounds like the start of the same problem, and if it is, you need to get it fixed immediately. Start by taking the pedestal off and looking at the fulcrum as you move that pedal around. See also if the rivet looks like it is coming out. If it is, then you have to deal with it.

As an emergency repair, you can replace the rivet with a small bolt and nut, or a nail bent over to keep it in place. Whatever you use, try to find a size that comes as close as possible to the diameter of the rivet(in other words, filling the hole as much as possible). That way, you’ll get minimal noise when you use it. It won’t work right until you get it fixed properly, but at least it will work.

BTW, the problem that I described is in fact in the Salvi pedal bars, and the MAJOR COMPANY I mentioned uses Salvi pedal assemblies in all of their instruments.