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Yaron Lirase

Thank you for the information.

I work with epoxy resin for other purposes. It is Thx 500 (poly pox)

It is complete liquid and takes about 24-36 hours to completely dry.

Should I use instead an epoxy paste ?

I am planning on clamping it using a clamper and two pieces of wood which will be coated by wax, to avoid them sticking.

Details on the resin I am using is below (translated with google):

“Standard epoxy resin and bonding for the preservation of wood, impregnation of the glass and carbon fibers, making shrink castings combined with fillers. To be applied in building, repairing, restoration of wooden and polyester boats, canoes, tanks. Waterproof finish for floors, containers, shower and toilet facilities.

Due to the resin Aerosil, Cotton Fiber Glass Bubbles or add one can own a coating, adhesive putty or paste composition.

For use mix with Poly-Pox Harder.

In combination with the standard Harder 355.

Mixing ratio resin / hardener was 100: 50 parts by weight.

Processing time approximately 25 minutes.

Minimum application temperature 15 º C.”

Thank you again for the help