Re: Re: Harp-friendly neightbours, NOT!

Misty Harrison on #109240

Wow. I’m so glad someone has had this experience. Everywhere I lived everyone loved the harp except one horrible woman. I lived in an apartment once where my neighbor had such a problem with the harp that if I was practicing she would start screaming on her balcony – I want peace on my balcony. I was practicing inside in the middle of the afternoon. She would peer in my windows and she would pound on the floor. When I say she pounded I mean at all hours of the night it sounded like people were moving in and out and dropping huge furniture. It was really ridiculous. I had to purchase thick curtains because she would come up and stare in the windows with her hands on her hips and ear plugs because she pounded all night long. I was so glad to move from that place. What a horrible person.

I think it’s because some people have control problems and they want to control everything so they feel like they need to control your “noise.”