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    Hi everybody,

    it’s been a long (very long!) while since I posted here last, but today I have to
    share my frustration with somebody, after my harp playing has been
    called “a noise that affects my health” by the “charming”


    Not harp related but music related, When I was in college, I had a large amount of music to listen to for “repertoire tests”.


    Never had that problem. I actually got an apartment once because I mentioned to the landlord I played harp and he loved the idea of having a harpist in the building.

    Currently my neighbors ask that I open the window in

    Misty Harrison

    Wow. I’m so glad someone has had this experience. Everywhere I lived everyone loved the harp except one horrible woman. I lived in an apartment once where my neighbor had such a problem with the harp that if I was practicing she would start screaming on her balcony – I want peace on my balcony. I was practicing inside in the middle of the afternoon. She would peer in my windows and she would pound on the floor. When I say she pounded I mean at all hours of the night it sounded like people were moving in and out and dropping huge furniture. It was really ridiculous. I had to purchase thick curtains because she would come up and stare in the windows with her hands on her hips and ear plugs because she pounded all night long. I was so glad to move from that place. What a horrible person.

    I think it’s because some people have control problems and they want to control everything so they feel like they need to control your “noise.”

    Michael H

    Ah! What a horrid lady.

    The only time I got any guff was when I decided to make up some experimental harp music. My mom said it takes talent to make such a beautiful instrument sound ugly. But no, generally all of the people in my townhouse complex and at my school are pretty nonchalant about the harp.

    harp guy

    Wow. I’ve never had that problem really. I am a college age flute performance major (and light freelance harp on the side), and I don’t really have that problem. I have my harp in my dorm room and practice harp there, and flute in the practice rooms (open 7am-midnight). I usually practice harp in the afternoon/early evening, and no one seems to mind that much. Most people think I just have a keyboard and am practicing piano (go figure!) Someone down the hall practices his electric guitar, and people play music. It’s not ever that loud though. Most people are respectful about volume.

    My friend however has some trouble though. She’s a clarinet major and she has an apartment that she shares with her little brother. She gets noise complaints, and has to go to the music building to practice (unless it’s a holiday week, and she just practices at the apartment anyway). But all of this is understandable. Woodwind instruments are a completely different ballgame when it comes to bothering your neighbors.

    The worst instance of a noise problem was when a girl I know decided to practice her tuba in her dorm room…. O.O


    Thanks guys,

    at least I’m not the only one with crazy neighbours. I think she’s been
    very rude and disrespectful. I just got back from my holidays, so she
    hadn’t heard a thing in three long weeks, and after not even 10 minutes
    practice of Stella Splendens (not the loudest of pieces if you know
    it), she comes to my doorstep, disturbing my practice and insulting my
    music. Also my apartment is two floors and I usually practice upstairs,
    so there’s a whole floor between the music and her. She says it doesn’t
    matter, but unless she has a bionic ear that’s just impossible. My
    husband can happily watch TV downstairs and he’s not bothered at all. She wanted me to agree on a fixed time of the day for my practice, but I told her that I can’t do that. That’s really unreasonable. Practice at 3 pm or nothing?? And again, I always play during day time so I
    think it’s just like Misty said, some people need to control everything. Well I have to hold on just few more months, then I’m moving out of this flat and I hope I’ll find more reasonable neighbours, like I always did. Oh, and actually I have a gig at the end of next month, so my “noise” is going to increase, as I need to practice… In that concert I’m not just playing but also singing 3 pieces. I expect her to show up a lot at my doorstep!


    Some people are so miserable. Why do they have to blast into other peoples’ lives like that? Harp music, played during the day or evening is not disruptive to anyone’s life. That is totally ridiculous. I say fie on them. They can live with it. Tell them to get some Skull Candy noise reduction earbuds and an iPod and play some loud Jimi Hendrix if they don’t like listening to the harp. I want to tell them something else, but will keep that to myself. How ridiculous!!


    harp guy

    Well, you said she was an “old lady.” Not meaning bad luck on her, but maybe she won’t be around that much longer… 😉 Just kidding. She really does sound like a horrid neighbor. If she treated me that way, I would move my harp to the first floor, amp it with the speakers laying face down on the floor (or which ever direction she is), and practice something with a lot of bass while wearing earplugs. Maybe even practice tuning the bass strings by ear with the amp on. If she’s going to throw a fit at you for playing, you should at least deserve it. >:)

    lol. 😉


    Well said Harp Guy!


    and thaks Briggsie,
    I’m quite temped to print your post and put it on my door or something, so before she can read the note before ringing the bell…!


    Ah I should really reread before posting!

    I meant:

    and thanks Briggsie,
    I’m quite tempted to print your post and put it
    on my door or something, so she can read the note before ringing
    the bell…!

    Pat Eisenberger

    You know, there are people who would complain if you waited on them hand and foot and gave them all the riches in the world. They are very wounded people that refuse to be healed. You said you lived in an apartment? Do you know the manager? Might s/he be willing to help?

    In the meantime, might I suggest that even if you don’t play it, keep your connection to your harp. I find that even just looking at or touching my harp has a calming influence when I’m rattled.

    Karen Johns

    I read something inspirational today at church I would like to share with you. There are two kinds of people in this world : ducks & eagles. The ducks squawk and complain alot, and seem to thrive on being miserable- while the eagles rise above all the pettiness. There is much beauty in this world, and especially in the harp, and it is a shame this lady can not or will not let herself

    David Ice

    My friend Adrienne Bridgewater once told me (and I have to agree with her):

    “Sometimes God puts people in our lives to remind us how good we really are.”

    Dave Ice

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