Re: Re: Harp cars

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #109582

When I bought my current car, the salesman made that offer to me. The thing was, I live about 35 miles from the dealer, and I really didn’t want to drive home, load the harp, unload the harp and drive back all within 3 hours’ time. What I did was measure the length of the back of my Subaru and then measure the length of the back of the Element I was considering. The Element had a couple more inches, so I knew it would work, and it does.

I was told a concert grand will not fit into a CRV. I’m not sure an 85P is any shorter than a full concert grand harp….probably is…..but the CRV doesn’t have too much space in the back compared to some other cars used commonly to haul harps.