Re: Looking for a Teacher

unknown-user on #108601

1) Location 2) Reputation (I like to find recommendations from other teachers or harpsists and usually prefer that they have impressive credentials. I generally look for a teacher that is known to at least a decent chunk of the harpist population, at least here in America) 3) personality 5) how good they are as a general teacher 5) cost 6) goals 7) scheduling 8) technique

I find location important, as I am still too young to drive (or rather, haven’t gotten my license, but I go to boarding school anyway and am not allowed to drive) I think this one is obvious, because if you can’t get to them, then why consider them?

I think its also important that they are good as a teacher, not in specifics for playing the harp. I would like a teacher that is good at arranging recitals, can communicate with the right people,