Re: Is Criticism Expired Like Yesterday’s Log-In?

unknown-user on #111393

Carl, I have really had it with you. How dare you write something I agree with? Or rather, probably will when I go back and read it all the way through. I was also talking about social situations, not just forums, and definitely not only these forums, Diane. YouTube comments would be a great example.

I am “afraid” that as heartfelt as Kay’s comment is, and having grown up with plenty of criticism, translating that experience into expecting others to somehow work around it is what ultimately leads to an atmosphere of censorship. Not you in particular, necessarily, but the broad idea of accomodating every individual’s hurts, sore spots, allergies, food sensitivities, diet peculiarities, amounts to exerting social control over others that is undesirable to many or most people. It reminds me of the totalitarian aspect of the extreme left-wing politics, where they expect everyone to think and act the same, rather than individually.

I would therefore turn around your last statement, and kindly say that the need for therapy is in the person feeling wounded or dealing with their past, and