Re: I have something to say

Owosso Harpist on #108350

Thank you for standing up for me, Liam. As a matter of fact I did print out the letter and showed it to my supports coordinator at Mental Health. Her name is Nicola Martin and she saw what I wrote and asked me questions about what I did, the lessons I took, and about my struggles for the harp. She says she’s sorry for all the pointed barbs I got from this site and asks would I settle for a compromise in renting a harp. I responded I would but the problem is I can only rent the harp on a limited bases which lasts for a few months to up to two years. I also showed her my photos of me when I used to rent Gilligan my L&H style 15 pedal harp I rented from Michigan Harp Center as well. She asks if she can make a copy of the article for reference and I told her to go ahead and if she wants, she can go and showed this to DJ Root, one of the employers whose in charge with employment and skills training. I would’ve showed this to my church pastor, but I haven’t got a chance to do it, yet.