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The same basic thing. The amount of time you would have to prepare, any special requests you would have to accommodate. Not to mention that you still have your travel time, hauling a harp and equipment, set up, break down, and actual performing, your price is your price.

Really, the idea that they made a mistake budgeting so YOU should get paid less is pretty outrageous. If there is a dispute about price with the venue that is between her and the venue, not you. Why would your price be any more negotiable than the venue’s?

If there were no contract signed yet I would hope that would still have time to find another job for that weekend, and that you weren’t holding that time without a commitment from them until very soon before the event. So it would mean you having to find something else for that day, but better that than getting a reputation as the wedding harpist willing to lower a fee at the first push.

I’m not going to say you should never lower a price. There may be times when it is a reasonable thing to do. But a bride expecting you to lower your price because they miss budgeted? No. And in this case, after you have an agreement and contract? Insane that they even asked in my opinion.