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    Claire Stam on #145981

    Recently had a bride tell me she thought her rehearsal dinner was included in the original price of the venue and discovered it was not – she asked me if I would be willing to give her a discount due to the sudden unexpected costs she had. (I wanted to ask if she had already asked her florist, seamstress, etc.) I told her with the music I had purchased (special requests) for her ceremony, the amount of time I had already practiced, etc. I would not be able to – I told her this because she had already paid the deposit and knew she would not look elsewhere this late in the game. What would have been a good way to say “no” to someone who had not yet officially hired me or paid a deposit?

    robin roys on #145982

    Did she pull that scam on the LIMO company, I wonder? That is just down right RUDE.

    I think you handled it very well.

    There’s really no winning with so many of these brides that want something for nothing. Seems like they always pick on the musicians.

    It’s discouraging. I see so many vendors doing unprofessional things at weddings such as decorating while guests are being seated, photographers that leave their stuff all over the place, sloppy catering and DJ’s doing sound checks while the harp is playing.

    Then there’s the harpist, who CARES about their music, who purchased an expensive instrument and a vehicle, spent years studying, arrived early to tune, etc., etc….WHY short change us????

    Best wishes.
    Robin Roys

    tony-morosco on #145983

    The same basic thing. The amount of time you would have to prepare, any special requests you would have to accommodate. Not to mention that you still have your travel time, hauling a harp and equipment, set up, break down, and actual performing, your price is your price.

    Really, the idea that they made a mistake budgeting so YOU should get paid less is pretty outrageous. If there is a dispute about price with the venue that is between her and the venue, not you. Why would your price be any more negotiable than the venue’s?

    If there were no contract signed yet I would hope that would still have time to find another job for that weekend, and that you weren’t holding that time without a commitment from them until very soon before the event. So it would mean you having to find something else for that day, but better that than getting a reputation as the wedding harpist willing to lower a fee at the first push.

    I’m not going to say you should never lower a price. There may be times when it is a reasonable thing to do. But a bride expecting you to lower your price because they miss budgeted? No. And in this case, after you have an agreement and contract? Insane that they even asked in my opinion.

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