Re: Harp-friendly neightbours, NOT!

harp guy on #109242

Wow. I’ve never had that problem really. I am a college age flute performance major (and light freelance harp on the side), and I don’t really have that problem. I have my harp in my dorm room and practice harp there, and flute in the practice rooms (open 7am-midnight). I usually practice harp in the afternoon/early evening, and no one seems to mind that much. Most people think I just have a keyboard and am practicing piano (go figure!) Someone down the hall practices his electric guitar, and people play music. It’s not ever that loud though. Most people are respectful about volume.

My friend however has some trouble though. She’s a clarinet major and she has an apartment that she shares with her little brother. She gets noise complaints, and has to go to the music building to practice (unless it’s a holiday week, and she just practices at the apartment anyway). But all of this is understandable. Woodwind instruments are a completely different ballgame when it comes to bothering your neighbors.

The worst instance of a noise problem was when a girl I know decided to practice her tuba in her dorm room…. O.O