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It’s a good harp. That they take more finger strength to play I don’t agree with. In terms of the strings the Blue is no different than the other Camac concert harps, and they are very similar to most other pedal harps. There is no real standard, and there is some variation from make to make, but for the most part the string tension of the major harp builders are similar enough that it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you need a harp that can play chromatic music, but you don’t require the full range of a concert grand, and you need to amplify fairly regularly, then the Camac little big blue is a great choice.

As for the electronics, they are pretty stable. I have a Camac baby blue and after many years it still hasn’t given me much to complain about. When the occasional issue does pop up it is usually very minor and so far I have had nothing happen that I couldn’t fix myself in just a few minutes.

As always, you should go try out the harp you intend to buy yourself first to see how it works for you. But as a general rule Camac makes good harps and are a good choice.