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*Quick and very happy update!*

My meeting on Friday went better than I ever could have expected! The director of instrumental studies, Professor Bell, was absolutely perfect. I love when people are organized, tell you directly what is or is not possible, and show you as well as tell you. She explained what needs to be done in order to acquire a harp instructor and what I could do to prepare for the other music classes. The music building was so perfect! The hallway is a big circle with all the rooms sprouting off of it, so even I could not get lost! She showed me several different secure rooms (with stable air conditioning) that could be possibilities to store my harp. The piano lab has internet access, Sibelius (I think that’s how you spell it) software, and a printer. So you can compose your own music and notate it as well. The rooms all have cushy desk chairs for the students because it is a small campus. Everything about this place made me feel comfortable, I’m pretty timid, so seeing a place where I could grow was too perfect!

There a few difficulties to overcome, and I simply pray that they are.

First, finding a harp teacher. The teacher must have a master’s degree or higher in order to teach at the college. They pay $36 a lesson, which seems impossible for a harpist. And they are also supposed to come to the campus to teach. Now, Professor Bell is looking into me possibly paying the difference (If the lessons are more expensive). Also there are special circumstances that would allow me to have lessons at the teachers house. So my biggest concern is finding a teacher with a master’s degree in this corner of Florida!

Next, this campus is 45 minutes (more with traffic) away from my house. I currently share with my parent’s and my Granny’s cars. Two cars split between FOUR adults. FOUR. Oh my, we have managed thus far, but now I need one of my own. My parent’s car fits my pedal harp. My plan is to buy a compact car. I can switch cars with my parents every Monday and Friday (or any other ‘moving day’), and otherwise drive my small one. It would save on gas! I’m also considering leaving my harp on campus unless I have a job requiring it be brought home on the weekend.

My parents blessed me with the Florida Pre-Paid plan, which entirely pays for tuition! That is- I don’t know how to thank them. I work as a nanny one day a week now, but won’t be able to once I start school. The way the schedule is with Music Theory (Tues/Thurs) and Aural Theory (Mon/Wed/Fri) will keep me there five days a week. That is a lot of driving! My car expenses will be far higher than they are now, and I will have pay insurance and all those other lovely grown-up bills I never looked forward to. I don’t know how I could find a job that could pay all of that, although I hope to. I need to start searching scholarships and grants that could be applied to travel!

That’s about all I can think of, thank you for bearing through my babble. I am so excited!