Marianne Channon Welshman dies at 102


Harpist Marianne Channon Welshman died on August 18, 2014, at 102. Marianne began playing the harp at 14, studying with Frances Calder in Providence, R.I. At age 19, Marianne went on to the Fontainebleau School of Music, in France, where she studied with Marcel Grandjany whom she worked with also in Boston. She was also a student of Bernard Zighera in Boston and Van Veachton Rogers in Providence. Marriane was a member of the Charminade and the Monday Morning Music Clubs and played with the Providence Symphony. For 64 years she was the harpist at Carpenter Jenks Funeral Home, playing for 4 generations of Carpenters. Throughout her long career she was a harp teacher and played at church, social functions, and weddings, and at the age of 100 she played at the Easter service in church.

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