The demands of home and harp can be enough to overwhelm even the most organized and disciplined. Find out what some harpists do to balance harp and family life.

Author Megan Metheney is a 37-year-old freelance harpist and teacher in Grasse, France, and mother of three.

As I’m typing this, I can smell a trace of vomit on my arm. Not my own vomit, but one of my two children. They are sick, I’m short on sleep, have two concerts this weekend and a student recital in my home in a few days. I’m also in my third trimester of pregnancy.

Friends often ask how I manage to keep various musical projects on my plate while also being a full-time mom. My response is that I feel like I’m not managing at all. I sit in front of my agenda and wonder how I can fabricate time. There are continually more projects I’d like to tackle than are humanly possible. I feel like I’m never quite caught up or completely prepared for the next “harp thing.” But somehow things get done, projects get started and completed, gigs get played, rehearsals happen, and students have lessons.

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About Author

Arizona-born Megan Metheney is a classically trained harpist whose approach to teaching and performing reflects a love for jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, acoustic world music, and an ear for invention.

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