ARD Music Competition participants announced


The line-up of participants for the ARD International Music Competition in Munich has just been announced.

This prestigious classical music competition was first established in 1952. It is the largest of its kind in Germany, where it is hosted by the Bayerischer Rundfunk – the Munich-based Bavarian public-service radio and television broadcaster. Though the competition is held annually, each year features a different set of instrument and ensemble categories, which means harpists only have the chance to compete every few years. The last time the harp competition was held was in 2009, and before that was in 2004. Previous winners include Emmanuel Ceysson, Anton Sie, and Isabelle Moretti. The following harpists will compete over four competition rounds, from August 29th to September 7th, 2016.


Clara Bellegarde, France
Sonia Bize, France
Amandine Carbuccia, France
Yunhuan Chen, China
Yeon Hwa Chung, South Korea
Agnès Clément, France
Léo Doumène, France
Maud Edenwald, France
Irene Fenninger, Germany
Gerda Carola Gabriel, Austria
Anaïs Gaudemard, France
Pauline Haas Bloch, France/Uruguay
Viktor Hartobanu, Germany
Lisa-Maria Hilti, Liechtenstein
Magdalena Hoffmann, Germany
Coline Jaget, France
Annabelle Jarre, France
Rino Kageyama, Japan
Agne Keblyte, Lithuania
Sofia Kiprskaya, Russia
Merve Kocabeyler, Turkey
Christina Maria Kurz, Germany
Anna Le Dantec, France
Julia Christine Lukan, Austria
Marta Marinelli, Italy
Ionella Marinutsa, Russia
Doriene Marselje, Netherlands
Emily Melendes, USA
Ula Mlakar, Slovenia
Elisabeth Plank, Austria
Hanna Rabe, Germany
Marion Ravot, Russia
Marika Cecilia Riedl, Germany
Linda Šimanauskaite, Lithuania
Katherine Siochi, USA
Markus Thalheimer, Germany
Anaëlle Tourret, France
Sarah Verrue, Belgium
Nora von Marschall, Germany
Emma Wauters, Belgium

Jury Members

Maria Graf (Chairperson)
Nancy Allen
Cristina Bianchi
Stephen Fitzpatrick
Sarah O’Brien
Fabrice Pierre
Erika Waardenburg


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