6th Hong Kong International Harp Competition announces winners

The winners of the top division of the 6th Hong Kong International Harp Competition are (l. to r.) Rena Kojima of Japan, first prize; Subin Lee of Korea, second prize; and Solenn Grand of France, third prize.
November 4, 2021

Rena Kojima of Japan won first prize in the professional pedal division at the sixth Hong Kong International Harp Competition, with Subin Lee (Korea) and Solenn Grand (France) winning silver and bronze respectively. Competitors submitted video recordings from Sept. 15–30 for review by the jury. Jason Chang, Ann Huang, Sivan Magen, Ernestine Stoop, Barbara Sze, Amy Tam, Guan Wang, Ann Yeung, Lauyee Yeung, and Dan Yu served as jurors. The competition was open to harpists of all nationalities and offered 10 different divisions, including two divisions for duets for harp with any instrument or voice.

A. Children (lever)

First prize: Michelle Yunman Xue (USA); Ho Ching Ashley Yeung (Hong Kong)
Second prize: Emma Rose Katzari (Bulgaria)
Third prize: Pak Yu Amber Mak (Hong Kong); Emma Wong (Canada); Mianzhi Tang (China)
Fourth prize: Sing Pak Li (Hong Kong)
Fifth prize: Yuqi Cao (China); Nengyi Shen (China)
Honorable mention: Hey Ching Cheung (Hong Kong); Yixin Zhong (China); Yu Tong Cui (China); Chenlang Hu (China); Yi Chen Liu (China); Xinai Yu (China); Zimo Wang (China); Tsz Hei Poon (Hong Kong)

B. Primary I (lever)

First prize: Siyu Qi (China)
Second prize: Siyu Luo (China); Millie Huang (United Kingdom)
Third prize: Ling Yui Gabriel Mok (Hong Kong)
Fourth prize: Ching Yin Stephanie Kwok (Hong Kong)
Fifth prize: Liu Shu (China)
Honorable mention: Wantong Liu (China); Xi Wang (China); Zixi Susie Lin (Hong Kong)

C. Primary II (lever)

First prize: Valentina Ramos (USA)
Second prize: Yu-Si Zuo (Taiwan); Tryphena Yuet-Tsing Li (Canada)
Third prize: Constance Yick (Hong Kong)
Fourth prize: Grace Han (Canada)
Fifth prize: Shen Xin Chen Wang (China)
Honorable mention: Skylar Mills (United Kingdom); Yuyi Tang (China)

D. Primary III (lever)

First prize: Meifeng Huang (China)
Second prize: HanYun Yu (China)
Third prize: Zarina Zaradna (Poland); Chaewon Kim (Korea)
Fourth prize: Reina Yoshida (Japan)
Fifth prize: Zi Yao Qi (China); Mio Ishikawa (Japan)
Honorable mention: Valentina Ramos (USA); Jiaai Yuan (China); Mira Vamos (USA); Ao Yang (China)

E. Secondary I (pedal)

First prize: Mizuki Namba (Japan); Giedra Julija Tutkute (Lithuania)
Second prize: Kalina Nowaczek (Poland)
Third prize: Zhaotong Liang (China); Eve Lung (Hong Kong)
Fourth prize: Rebecca You (United Kingdom); Si Yan Tao (China)
Fifth prize: Annelie Theresa Zeretzke (Germany)
Honorable mention: Yu Yin Cantadivina Wong (Hong Kong); Jansci Wong (Hong Kong); Ligia Nowak (Poland); Natalie Yick (Hong Kong); Lan Ting Cui (China); Jiaying Chen (China)

F. Secondary II (pedal)

First prize: Almos Tallos (Hungary)
Second prize: Momoko Komori (Japan)
Third prize: Judy Liu (USA)
Fourth prize: Mai Kamiyama (Japan)
Fifth prize: Yue Lin Jhang (Taiwan)
Honorable mention: Jianong Wu (China); Lynn Koschnitzke (USA); Lauren Swain (USA)

G. Professional (pedal)

First prize: Rena Kojima (Japan)
Second prize: Subin Lee (Korea)
Third prize: Solenn Grand (France)
Fourth prize: Hanjiao Zou (China)
Fifth prize: Iván Bragado Poveda (Spain)
Honorable mention: Nan Wang (China); Katherine Kappelmann (USA)

H. Open (pedal)

First prize: Mengyi Zhao (China)
Second prize: Yuning Zhang (China); Yik Sai Ho (Hong Kong)
Third prize: Eri Murayama (USA); Sze Ching Tam (Hong Kong)
Fourth prize: Yan Li (China); Eva Leung (Hong Kong)
Fifth prize: Ruoting Li (China)

I. Harp Duet (lever)

First prize: Lorraine Wong (Hong Kong) and Yu Kei Liu (Hong Kong)
Second prize: Xin Tong Chen (Hong Kong) and Fong Cheri Fong (Hong Kong)
Third prize: Hiu Yung Ko (Hong Kong) and Lok Hei Leung (Hong Kong)
Fourth prize: Chi Wing Chan (Hong Kong) and Hin Ching Chan (Hong Kong)
Fifth prize: Zixi Wang (China) and Ding Chen (China)

J. Harp Duet (pedal)

First prize: Heinke Felicitas Geiger (Germany) and Elsa Garcia de Andres (Spain)
Second prize: Lok Man Ho (Hong Kong) and Ching Man Ho (Hong Kong)
Third prize: Tongxin Chen (China) and Zirong Ye (China); Zhaotong Liang (China) and Chaoxiang Chen (China)
Fourth prize: Si Yan Tao (China) and Jin Zhu Li (China); Eve Lung (Hong Kong) and Cheuk To Yau (Hong Kong)
Fifth prize: Tsz Yam Pai (Hong Kong) and Clement Yim (Hong Kong)
Honorable mention: Jiajie Ma (China) and Shimeng Sun (China)

For more information, visit the competition website.

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