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    naisha on · in reply to: 26 string harp advise #254360

    Also, I think you could consider renting to buy. At least Camac lets you rent a harp and after some months if you want to buy it, what you’ve been paying is discounted to the total price. It’s a good way to buy it if your budget is limited now but you know you could afford it in let’s say 6 months. Like a layaway for part of the price. I can’t really help with the quality of the harps you’ve mentioned because I have never played any of them. I own a Camac Hermine (34str) though, and I’m very happy with it. I would personally find fewer strings limiting, and I don’t know how to transpose (yet), so having only levers on C and F would also be limiting to me. As they’ve already said, it depends on the player. Where do you live? If you live in Europe, Camac and Salvi for example will have better prices than Dusty Strings and vice versa. The importing fees and exchange rates is also a thing to consider.

    naisha on · in reply to: Webster Harp vs Dusty Strings? #252975
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    naisha on · in reply to: Webster Harp vs Dusty Strings? #234916

    Hi there! I’ve been reading all the conversation and I wanted to say I love when a thread ends with “I finalyy bought this one!”, it makes me really happy! I’m sure you’ll love your harp 🙂 Best wishes

    naisha on · in reply to: Straight back versus curved back #229037

    I don’t know how feasible it would be, but even if you would have to pay for extra shipping costs, maybe you could rent the two of them at the same time, have both at home for some days and try them. After that, you could ship the one that is not your option back and keep the best for you, paying for the rest. Again, I don’t know if it can be done. I give you this idea because my boyfriend wanted to buy a guitar and ended up buying 3 guitars and returning two, keeping the one he liked the most. He had to pay for extra shipping costs but in the end it was worth it. Harps are way bigger, though, so I have no idea how much that could increase the price.

    naisha on · in reply to: Basel Sara's Passing #228957

    Oh no… I barely knew him beside a couple messages here and there, but when I saw one of his videos I instantly fell in love with his music. When I knew about his life it also amazed me a lot. Losing him saddens me a lot. Thank you guys for sharing all the beautiful words you have about him, those who knew him and are sharing moments you lived, or his story.

    naisha on · in reply to: Camac Excalibur Vs. Isolde Celtic #228265

    Sure! About the profile pic, it’s a little bit tricky, I’ll copy paste the steps I followed (thanks Evolène!)

    You have to go to the website “”, which depends on WordPress. You must :
    – Create (or find old) profile on WordPress. (I created one with the e-mail I’m using here)
    – Use WrodPress to connect on Gravatar, basically log in.
    – On Avatar here , they explain how to upload an image from your hard drive to the website, and then set is as your profile picture. You’ll see a button saying “add a new image” and there you have it.

    naisha on · in reply to: Camac Excalibur Vs. Isolde Celtic #228257

    Wow! Please tell us your impressions when you have it! I’m sure it will be totally worth it 🙂

    naisha on · in reply to: Camac Excalibur Vs. Isolde Celtic #228249

    Hey, I have doubts between the same harps as you, and also Aziliz. I think the best way to see which one is better for you is testing them in person, that’s what I’d like to do when the moment comes. It’s good to know the price difference between the Isolde and the Excalibur is worth it, though. I guess if 1000€ makes a real difference in sound, it’s a better investment in the long run. However (and sorry, I know you’re not asking for that other model), the Excalibur and Aziliz are similar in price, being Aziliz slightly more expensive, so I guess it’s a question of how comfortable you are with one or another.

    naisha on · in reply to: Lyon Healy factory tour #228061

    Wow, that’s awesome! I’d definetely try to go there if I visit Chicago someday.
    I remember watching a video of Deborah Henson-Conant showing the process of a DHC camac harp and it was truly interesting.

    naisha on · in reply to: Help: Lever harp types and strings #224925

    Hello! I am more or less in the same situation. I am also wondering the difference in feel and sound of those type of strings. I think the best way to know for sure which one is for you is just trying them. No matter how many videos you watch and how many reviews and opinions you read, an instrument is different for everyone. I am also intetested in Camac Hermine with FC strings and Camac Melusine (celtic) with nylon, and after a couple of months of research I have to say I couldn’t come to a conclusion. Nylon is cheaper but as I read it can be less durable and loses the fine tone more easily, some say it sounds brighter than FC, some say the opposite. FC are more expensive but less sensitive to humidity and weather changes, and new strings have to be tuned a lot until they settle. Some people say they’re too thin gor their fingers, but sound better than nylon. So yeah, no conclusion until I test them with my own hands and ears and see which one is for me.

    naisha on · in reply to: What's on your music stand? January 2019 #224631

    Hi Jerusha, the version of Capricho Arabe I’m playing is probably a little bit simplified (not too much, though). And the problem with the uke is the small range, some things have to be changed to adapt to it and change octaves in specific places. I agree it would be so awesome to hear it played on a harp. I found a girl on youtube that played spanish flamenco on a celtic harp and damn she’s so good at it! I am not sure if in typical spanish melodies there are a lot of lever changes or if it’s pure phrygian mode (at least it sounds like that a lot). I’d really like to try playing this kind of music on a harp, it’ll take time because I don’t even have one yet, lol! But it’s in my mind already. By the way, I’m making progresses with C. Arabre, I alreayd can play (slowly) 1 page out of 3, yayy!

    naisha on · in reply to: What's on your music stand? January 2019 #224540

    Yayy! Got to love this kind of threads! I’ve been reading it and I’ll check the links as soon as I can on my laptop (I’m on my phone at this moment).
    Well and answering the title’s question, right now I am learning Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega on my ukulele, so that’s what I have on my music stand. It’s one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever attempted on uke, so I’m both motivated and a bit scared, lol! Before this one I had (also for uke, I don’t have a harp yet) a piece called To Zanarkland, from the video game Final Fantasy. I’m really thankful to all the people that arrange music for ukulele, it’s very helpful.
    See you around 🙂

    naisha on · in reply to: Chanting & Meditation #223918

    I don’t usually meditate, but I really like to listen to relaxing and soothing music or nature sounds on the background before sleep, while reading or actually at this moment while I read some stuff on the net. It really makes me feel very calm. Especially the music by Peder B. Helland on youtube. I also like to play some relaxing music on my ukulele (I usually play that style more than the typical happy strummings you can usually listen on ukes). I also practise chi kung from time to time, it makes me relax and stretch my body, which feels very nice (I wonder why I don’t do it more often). If I feel very nervous I know some techniques, like tapping between your eyes, but I don’t do it since college. I guess I don’t feel that stressed in my daily life.
    What about you, poetic harpist?

    naisha on · in reply to: The 9 to 5 Life #223533

    Hi there! First of all, I don’t have a harp yet, I play the ukulele but I think this can be applied to any instrument. I am also in a similar situation. Music is a hobby to me, so no pressure. I wouldn’t worry about what other people may think about my practice habits, schedules or lack of, or if I take too long to learn easy things. Everyone has their own circumstances, so if something works for you, that’s perfect 🙂
    Carol, when I see no progress and get frustrated, what works the best for me is to find really easy pieces or melodies that sound nice, chords or arpegios that sound good together, and just play them and fool around. A melody that is simple doesn’t mean it’s worse or less. So it doesn’t matter if it’s far below your actual level, if it sounds nice and it can make your frustration go away, I say go for it and enjoy. Also, if I’m learning a difficult one and only have let’s say half an hour to practice, I practice it for some minutes and the rest of the time I play things that I already know. That way it’s very difficult to get frustrated. If you spend all your time trying to play something that doesn’t sound good (yet) you can end the session with a bad sensation, at least that’s what happens to me.

    naisha on · in reply to: My Antique Erard on a movie set #223273

    Wooow this is awesome! I know this thread has some time, but I usually read forums and stuff on my phone and I couldn’t see the images there until today, that I used my computer to see them. The set looks awesome, and your harp really adds value and warmness to the whole ambient. I’m sure if I watch the movie I’ll pay more attention to the harp than the characters, and say something like “Hey, look at that, look at that! I indirectly “know” the owner of that harp!” lol!

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