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    Vicki Greenslade on #229001

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations/advice/suggestions. I have recently had health issues which has resulted in two vertebral breaks to the spine. These breaks have resulted in a loss of height (5’4” to 5’2”), a limited ability to transport the harp, and decreased stamina and staying power to sit at the harp for extended periods of time.
    Despite this, I am NOT yet willing to give up the enjoyment I get from playing and performing.
    So….. I am going to invest in a lighter weighted carbon fibre harp. My question is: should I go with the straight back design or the curved back design? I am a large woman (20-22 dress size) with large breasts and belly). Unfortunately, I am not in a vicinity where I could try on the Harps for size and fit. Recommendations anyone????
    Thank you.

    David Kitamura on #229006

    I presume you’re looking into Heartland Harps’ Delight and Legend models, which have the curved and straight soundboard design, respectively.

    It may be worth contacting Heartland Harps to see if they can network you to nearby owners of these harps for you to try. Maybe even give Pamela an email about her opinion between the two models. Not having played the Delight or its progenitor the Dragonheart I can’t give an objective opinion past what the site says about the benefits of the curved soundboard design. The Legend is slightly smaller and was made to address demand to longtime players who are used to a straight soundboard design, I heard.

    The cost difference between the two models is negligible, though it is worth noting that the Delight goes down to a low A if you have any repertoire utilizing the 2 additional bass strings.

    Vicki Greenslade on #229007

    Thank you David. Yes, I am working with Keri and Christian at Heartland Harps on this but I am very far away from any easy access to one of these Harps to try them on for size. Trying to figure it out in words and imagination rather than the real thing. Not an easy task. Many thanks for helping with your response.

    Annie on #229037

    I don’t know how feasible it would be, but even if you would have to pay for extra shipping costs, maybe you could rent the two of them at the same time, have both at home for some days and try them. After that, you could ship the one that is not your option back and keep the best for you, paying for the rest. Again, I don’t know if it can be done. I give you this idea because my boyfriend wanted to buy a guitar and ended up buying 3 guitars and returning two, keeping the one he liked the most. He had to pay for extra shipping costs but in the end it was worth it. Harps are way bigger, though, so I have no idea how much that could increase the price.

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