What's on your music stand? January 2019

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    Jerusha Amado on #224513

    Hi Philippa,

    Thank you for posting the video of Alice. She is wonderful! You are so fortunate to have the ability to study with her.
    It’s good to hear that you are at the conservatorium and that your mum is well!

    Annie on #224540

    Yayy! Got to love this kind of threads! I’ve been reading it and I’ll check the links as soon as I can on my laptop (I’m on my phone at this moment).
    Well and answering the title’s question, right now I am learning Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega on my ukulele, so that’s what I have on my music stand. It’s one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever attempted on uke, so I’m both motivated and a bit scared, lol! Before this one I had (also for uke, I don’t have a harp yet) a piece called To Zanarkland, from the video game Final Fantasy. I’m really thankful to all the people that arrange music for ukulele, it’s very helpful.
    See you around 🙂

    Alison on #224551

    The orchestral part to the Wasps has been on my stand for a long time. Yes it’s a good time to go back to the Sonatas which I have worked on before and polish those, whilst getting my hands back into playing order. A case of old tunes for old harpists (& a pun on the title of my first tutor book).

    Jerusha Amado on #224565

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for writing! It’s so wonderful that you’re working on such beautiful Spanish music for the ukelele! I didn’t know that something that complicating could be played on that instrument.
    Does anyone know if “Caprico Arabe” has been arranged for the harp? If so, could you post a link?

    Hi Alison,

    Which sonatas are you working on, and what is their level of difficulty?

    Veronika on #224591

    I’m glad to see this thread. So many new pieces to explore!

    I’m (still) on an Andres binge, currently working on the first Danse d’Automne and on Kola from Epices. I was beginning to get worried that it was a case of ambition outstripping ability, but according to my teacher I am making progress, so I shall persevere.

    I’ve started on On Selworthy Beacon by Sarah Deere-Jones (that’ll keep me busy for a while), and I’m still working on Deborah Friou’s arrangement of Scarborough Fair (getting there!).

    Jerusha Amado on #224605

    Hi Veronika,

    Bernard Andres is wonderful! Have you heard of Megan Metheny’s “Bernard’s Christmas” music book, where she weaves his works into Christmas tunes? It’s suitable for pedal and lever harp.

    Jenifer Thomas on #224623

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    Annie on #224631

    Hi Jerusha, the version of Capricho Arabe I’m playing is probably a little bit simplified (not too much, though). And the problem with the uke is the small range, some things have to be changed to adapt to it and change octaves in specific places. I agree it would be so awesome to hear it played on a harp. I found a girl on youtube that played spanish flamenco on a celtic harp and damn she’s so good at it! I am not sure if in typical spanish melodies there are a lot of lever changes or if it’s pure phrygian mode (at least it sounds like that a lot). I’d really like to try playing this kind of music on a harp, it’ll take time because I don’t even have one yet, lol! But it’s in my mind already. By the way, I’m making progresses with C. Arabre, I alreayd can play (slowly) 1 page out of 3, yayy!

    Veronika on #224666

    Hi Jerusha, these look great, thanks for pointing me towards them! Something for next Christmas…

    I do wish Andres would write more pieces, especially more advanced pieces for lever harps. Not that I’m able to play advanced pieces right now, but it would be something to look forward to.

    hearpe on #224673

    Not enough- and spread too thin- got another intermediate level classical guitar edition, and not spending enough time on ANY instrument, as I continue my “homeless with a roof over my head for now” lifestyle- call it “guerilla practicing” ? Spending too much time on the net too because somehow that’s all my poor tired body wants to do. On the other hand, I’ve found and have been replacing a small collection of childrens books I had accumulated before the flood where I lost it all back in ’09.

    I’m officially 65 now, so your gibberish about my work is more likely to go in one ear and out the other two. AH!

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    paul-knoke on #224738

    I just got the part to Sibelius’ Symphony #1. Holy mackerel! Has anyone else here played it?

    Alison on #224756

    Yes, many times. So find a recording and get some help !! How long have you got ? You need to know the whole ‘story’ of this long work, spend a lot of time on the arpeggios and chords in the last movement, work on all the tricks and bright sounding bits, know musical cues and when to wait for your entries. I have just listened to it on the radio and I still know it, but that kind of familiarity has to be earned or learned ! If you can access this UK site here it is https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002lb0

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    paul-knoke on #224760

    I’ve got a month before we go into rehearsal on it. I’ll be having a meeting with the conductor to go over meters and tempi, for sure! (Also editing fairly freely….)

    Veronika on #225566

    I know it’s March, but the weather feels more like January over here, so I’m not starting a March thread…

    I’ve started on Annie Challan’s Broceliande so as to have something a bit less frustrating to learn than On Selworthy Beacon for now. Broceliande has the advantage that even if you make a complete hash of it (cough), it still sounds nice.

    Alison on #225567

    Paul, in Sibelius 1, The most exacting tempo that you will need to prepare is in the (last?) movement, the one with all the running arpeggios and descending chords, probably in 3.
    I haven’t actually got the part out. I once had to play this on a Sunday say, for a one off workshop and was a!ready rehearsing the part with another orchestra conductor at a faster lick, so I was getting ahead and found it difficult to adjust in this particular section, either way it’s not slow, And you have to memorise it, it comes in for about one page then returns later for a double page spread, just black notes. The other tricky bit is that lovely high-to-low-to-high nugget, just after a page turn, I shall have to get the part out to check the rehearsal numbers.

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