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    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Making lessons fun for young students #189648

    For my young students, if the mother and father want to have one hour per week I use to divide in two lessons (half an hour each.
    If it is not possible, one hour is too long for young children, so we do different activities.
    As already said one section for technique, one section for playing pieces, and for the last section the student can learn easy pieces by ears. I play on another harp and he/she can repeat but without looking at my fingers. I let the student try and find his own way to play the tune.
    Another activity that my students like is to play duet. I have a little harp so I can play with them. Sometimes they have a friend, a brother or sister who can play with another instrument.

    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Best Book/Sites on Teaching Music #144468

    Dear every one,

    one fantastic book I have read many times is: “Le violon intérieur” from Dominique Hoppenot. I don’t know if an english version exists, but it explains and gives many details about music and sensation, about how to move, how to be in our head when we are playing, how to express and play musically, how to teach.
    It is the best book I have ever read.
    Thanks for posting your suggestions of books!

    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Gliere Impromptu #145561

    Thanks for this topic, it helps a lot!
    I am working on Glière impromptu and I have another technical question about this piece, maybe it is a silly question but for the final (6 mesures before the end) how do you replace your fingers for the notes which are reapeted (G A C F and D E A C) to avoid noise and have a regularly sound?
    Do you replace first the 4th and then the other fingers, or both 4th and 3rd and then 2nd and thumb? Do you change hand between each chord?

    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Teaching #149143

    Yes I will be teaching one student at a time.

    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Teaching #149141

    Thank you very much for your answers. I am a little stressed but it is reassuring to have your experience. So the most important is to have the right position and to put the fingers correctly without tensions. To begin with, I thought it would be good for students to make exercices to help them to have relaxed hands or to work to a specific technique but I wonder how to make it not boring because it is a lesson for adults who have already played an instrument for many years but who are harp beginners. The lesson lasts one hour so it makes a lot of time to beginners.

    Aziliz Harp on · in reply to: Teaching #149138

    Excuse me it is not posted in the right place I should post it in “Teaching”…

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