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    Aziliz Harp on #149137

    Good morning,

    I will give my first harp lessons next week to beginner harpists and I would like to have your opinion about how teaching harp. Do you follow a specific method? What is the most important to look at? Do you have a time for different activities or a specific way to lead a lesson?

    Excuse me for my english I am not native english speaker.

    Aziliz Harp on #149138

    Excuse me it is not posted in the right place I should post it in “Teaching”…

    mr-s on #149139

    Aziliz, i do start with a little talk about the history of Harp, then play a very attractive and beautiful music to the student and maybe you can show him or her how to sit correctly behind the harp and that is enough for the first lesson , the second lesson you will start with repeating body position hand position and start with the 2nd finger the right hand the put the first finger and let them play a short scale 2 and 1st fingers. Good luck for you.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #149140

    I am not a teacher and I dont play so you will probably think I am mad to post but

    Aziliz Harp on #149141

    Thank you very much for your answers. I am a little stressed but it is reassuring to have your experience. So the most important is to have the right position and to put the fingers correctly without tensions. To begin with, I thought it would be good for students to make exercices to help them to have relaxed hands or to work to a specific technique but I wonder how to make it not boring because it is a lesson for adults who have already played an instrument for many years but who are harp beginners. The lesson lasts one hour so it makes a lot of time to beginners.

    Tacye on #149142

    Will you be teaching one student at a time or more?

    Aziliz Harp on #149143

    Yes I will be teaching one student at a time.

    loretta-o-driscoll on #149144

    In my experience, it is best to go with the flow for each lesson. I focus on technique, of course, but each student has different strengths and weaknesses so you need to tailor the lesson accordingly.

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