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    Hannah White

    Hello Teachers,
    What are some of your favorite books and/or sites on teaching music?
    I am always wanting to learn how to teach better and would love to know what books or websites you think are worth a look/purchase.



    Here are some publications that have been useful to me:
    “The Private Lesson” by Susann McDonald (small booklet copyright 1983 by Music Works-Harp Editions)
    “On Teaching The Harp” by Suzanne Balderston (1980 Salvi Publications)
    “Technical Development for Harpists” by Danielle Perrett. Copyright Trinity College, London. Free of charge. 49 pages. e-mail:
    “Teaching Stringed Instruments in Classes” by Elizabeth A.H. Green, Copyright 1966 by Prentice Hall. Inc. Foundations of Music Education Series, 106 pages. It excludes harp but very valuable for chapters on The Teaching of Music Reading and Orchestral Playing in its Earlier Stages.
    “The Harper’s Handbook by Laurie Riley. Copyright 1991 by Mayapple Publishers and Laurie Riley. Many useful pages for teachers of harp
    “Not Until You’ve Done Your Practice!” Third edition published in Australia in 2000 by FuturePerfect Publishing. Philip Johnston (text) and David Sutton (illustrations).The humorous illustrations and good advice to parents and teachers of music students go a long way to help students achieve their very best, in as short a time as possible! ISBN 0 646 40265 X. 118 pages with no mention of harp but still quite useful.

    #144061 — a violinist, but he’s a professor of music performance or some such at Juilliard and VERY good. His blog is filled with tons of great articles on teaching and learning, and what students (and others) need to know about practice and performance, and especially the difference between the two.

    Hannah White

    Janis, thank you very much for the helpful site I will be checking it out!

    Hannah White

    Wow! Thank you very much. You put a lot into your comment. I will have to look into all of these titles.



    I like to recommend the Harvard Dictionary of Music as a general reference book. If a student reads it cover to cover, they will arrive very well-prepared for college.


    The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
    A Soprano On Her Head by Eloise Ristad
    The Logical Approach to Rhythmic Notation by Phil Perkins
    The Practice Revolution by Philip Johnston

    Aziliz Harp

    Dear every one,

    one fantastic book I have read many times is: “Le violon intérieur” from Dominique Hoppenot. I don’t know if an english version exists, but it explains and gives many details about music and sensation, about how to move, how to be in our head when we are playing, how to express and play musically, how to teach.
    It is the best book I have ever read.
    Thanks for posting your suggestions of books!


    Forgot to mention “Beyond the Notes,” Erica Sipes’ website. She’s a collaborative pianist and practice coach, and she’s got a REALLY great practical outlook, especially on the pragmatic survival-skill things like sight reading and how to really get pieces up to speed.


    A wonderful book for young beginners is Musical Animals on the Harp by Sue Rothstein.

    Hannah White

    Wonderful, thank you!

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