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    Christian Frederick

    Here’s a video I’d like to share on YouTube. Solo Harp of SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE, the Love Theme from “The Godfather”. For some reason, this tune is such a hit and evokes a lot of emotion in the listeners.

    On this Thanksgiving Day, now I’m off to play piano in a grand hotel next to a grand Christmas tree. I think today is a good day to be thankful and start playing Christmas music.



    Beautifully done! So much expression.

    Question: you were playing a pedal harp…..but a couple of times you reached up to the neck with your left hand as if you were flipping levers. What were you doing with your left hand?

    Thanks for posting!

    Rod C.


    What a nice video – beautiful location – great miking on the harp – nice clear vid shots – and a great arrangement played exquisitely – bravo!

    Rod, he’s pushing on the string between the tuning peg and the stud to create the vibrato and/or raise pitch – takes a lot of strength to get much change in the pitch – same idea as the whammy bar on electric guitars –

    Christian Frederick

    Thank you. John answered the question. I’d like to add that you can only bend a string with nylon strings.

    I studied piano only “Classical” for years, and I still feel I have a box around me because of that. I feel freer on the harp, picking up tricks like this… and stumming and tremelos from Latin American harp techniques. The tremelo has to be altered with a bent finger for strength as the concert pedal harp is strung more tightly….

    Michaela Braveman

    Wow! Exquisite…, moving…, tasteful…, beautiful…., a real treat for the eyes and the ears! Your talent is truly admirable, Christian, thanks for sharing it with the world!

    I look forward to more videos!



    John and Christian:

    Thanks for enlightening me about this technique! I learned something today!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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